Virginia ex-governor’s corruption conviction overturned

WASHINGTON, June 27 (Reuters) – A unanimous U.S. Supreme Court on Monday threw out Republican former Virginia Governor Robert McDonnell’s bribery convictions in a ruling that could make it tougher to prosecute politicians for corruption.

The eight justices, liberals and conservatives alike, overturned McDonnell’s 2014 conviction, saying that his conduct fell short of a “official act” in exchange for a bribe as required for conviction under federal bribery law.

“Setting up a meeting, calling another public official or hosting an event does not, standing alone, qualify as an official act,” Chief Justice John Roberts wrote for the court.  more

5 Comments on Virginia ex-governor’s corruption conviction overturned

  1. This guy is guilty as sin. He accepted 100’s of thousands of dollars in exchange for political influence. I hope he still goes to jail. And another thought, Hillary and Bill have earned $120 million for selling political influence since he left the White House. When is she going to be investigated??

  2. While I’ll agree that what McDonnell was self serving and stupid, it didn’t raise to the level of criminal quid pro quo. And I’m sure his predecessor, Timmy Kane, did much the same. He’s a pauper too.

    But the demos got what they wanted, which was to put a stain on the republican a
    To get the sleaziest bastard ever, Terry Mcauliffe into the governors mansion.

    Shit was a train wreck that asshole has been. Appointed a tranny as secretary of the health department, reinstated voting rights for felons still serving time, opened the door to mass immigrant invasion from all over the world, the list of grievances against him would make King George III blush.

    At least McDonnell did some good things while in office.

  3. Just another reason why Hillary or any other corrupt (Dem) politician will not be charged and/or prosecuted.

  4. The Oligarchy must maintain their methods of corruption.
    This is all a part of the “No Smoking Gun” mantra cried by everyone in the criminal cartel of DC – even though “No Smoking Gun” is ever required for the investigations and convictions of common men.
    Justice is dead.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. Reversal of his conviction sets the get out of jail free narrative for Democrat grifters Bill, Hill, Obozo, and Mooch.

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