Virginia Implements Monthly Limits on Handguns

Onerous gun regs take effect after judge denies 11th-hour stay.

WFB:Virginia adopted some of the strictest gun regulations in the country on Wednesday after a judge rejected a bid to block a one-handgun-a-month limit from taking effect.

Virginia Democrats made gun control a top priority after taking control of both the state legislature and governor’s mansion in 2019 and quickly pushed through one of the most restrictive packages in the country. Residents in the commonwealth are now subject to universal background checks, red flag laws, and a monthly limit on how many handguns they can purchase.

Gun-rights activists had attempted to block the July 1 implementation date of those measures in separate suits. A state judge rejected a request to temporarily block the one-gun-a-month law on Thursday. The same group of gun-rights activists requested a stay in a new suit against the universal background check law, but were unable to secure a hearing before the law took effect.

Philip Van Cleave, president of the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL), which is involved in both current lawsuits and considering two more, expects the new laws to anger Virginians. The new laws are at odds with a traditional pro-gun culture in the state and the quick implementation of strict gun-control measures could rankle residents enough to drive them to the polls. MORE

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  1. Has there ever been a study done to show that these laws limiting purchases have any significant impact on crime?

    If not, there is no justification at all for them and they should be opposed in court based on that as a freedom and Constitutional rights issue instead of trying the Constitutional violation approach on its own.

  2. …that’s OK, I only need one more at this time.

    …at least that’s what my gun dealer tells me.

    ,..funny thing is, he tells me that every time I buy one, go figure…

    …I know, serious thread and I’m joking. That’s because I know that we ALREADY have enough guns to deal with Northam, Roberts, and all the OTHER traitors that the Democrats and Bush Republicans have foisted on us. Number of guns is NOT the problem.

    Lack of collective will to USE them to fulfill the purpose of the Second Amendment is.

    …and you can’t buy THAT in a GUN STORE, in Virginia or OUT of it.

    We just all need to sack up and do what the Founders did when THEY faced tyranny, but all AT THE SAME TIME.

    This will only happen with an inciting incident that pushes us ALL over the edge at ONCE. The pot has to boil over COMPLETELY, a few scalding drops will only infuriate them and make them clamp down HARDER. We need a REAL, OBVIOUS, NO DOUBT simultaneously viewable nationwide action to happen that WILL send EVERYONE into the streets.

    …and I suspect the Democrats have just THAT for us, come November, ready or NOT…

  3. Mean while, BLM and Antifa are armed to the teeth with “ Illegal Guns”. 80% Glocks are getting real popular.

  4. ” …. a few scalding drops will only infuriate them and make them clamp down HARDER.”

    But clamping down harder will increase the speed of the entire pot coming to a boil. A boiling a frog sort of thing.

  5. An email from circa 2012.

    Perhaps it’s time once again to review The 530 Plan:

    Fire with fire I guess.

    A few months ago while attending a social function, two liberals were discussing how well socialism was going and would be fully in place within the next ten years. Standing in ear shot was a grizzled old Vietnam Vet who chuckled and asked if the two had ever heard of “The 530 Plan”. The two responded they had not. The vet looked at the two of them and proceeded to educate them about the futility of their socialist dream. He explained “The 530 Plan” had been developed, it is the Bill Ayers approach on steroids, all taking place in a single day. He asked them to picture five million patriots, each identifying thirty liberals, picking a day they want to live in infamy and having at it. By using the plans of the Left against them he explained, was all that will save the Country and render liberals extinct.

    Needless to say, the expression on their faces was one for the record books. One could see their brains running in overdrive as the mathematics of this scenario sunk in. The two also had this foreboding look about them that they may have just made someone’s top thirty list.

    Just a thought.

  6. Just look what a fast learner the Govy is. Gub control has solved all the problems in Chicago, DC, or where ever it has been tried!
    What fool would not want to try it when the legislature is full of idiotic Dimwits who hate the Foundation Documents.

  7. The purpose of the 2nd Amendment was to prevent gun control by government. A reading of the 2nd combined with a reading of the preamble to the bill of rights should make that clear.

    Maybe it is time to start using it that way?

  8. And this rule will do what? Keep me from buying more than 1 gun a month? Seriously? I can still buy 12 a year. No, I am not supporting this rule, just pointing out the ludicrous premise.
    Virginians voted for these idjits, now live with it, and do something about it in 4 months. You made your bed …

  9. @Bad_Brad July 2, 2020 at 2:24 pm

    > 80% Glocks are getting real popular

    Like “the village bicycle,” there’s a difference between “common” and “popular.”

  10. Anonymous
    For those who know how to shoot, and are not using Flintlocks, they are in demand.

    How’s that?

  11. I just purchased a new handgun on-line less than thirty minutes ago. I just might go back and order another one, just because.

  12. I used to have a co-worker who would talk about buying a new gun every time he got a pay raise or bonus. One time I challenged him with the idea that he should buy ammo for guns he already owns, instead. I told him that in times of need, he would have to trade to me his new .357 pistol for a box of .40 cal. rounds.

    Ammo. Buy ammo for the gun you have. Ask any gun fighter how many guns he carries. The answer is a reliable rifle and a back-up pistol. A safe full of guns is a meaningless distraction.

    Focus on what you have. Maintain or acquire a good personal defense rifle, a potent side arm, and a lot of ammo. And magazines for said.

  13. Lance o Lot
    Excellent comment. Another thing gun fighters will tell you, if your going to buy a hand gun, buy one just like you have or similar. If you carry you already have most of the accessories you need. G19,G17 comes to mind. Or there’s nothing wrong with back ups. I own 3 G19s. I do have an SP-01 on the way.

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