Virginia Is Attempting Gun Confiscation – And People Are Revolting


Remember when Democrats wanted only “common sense” gun control? There was a reason they never bothered to define “common sense.”

Democrats will control both houses of Virginia’s state legislature next year, headed by Democrat Governor and Michael Jackson impersonator Ralph Northam. State Senator Dick Saslaw introduced a bill for next year that would outlaw both the possession of various types of firearms, but also make their transfer illegal. As the American Spectator’s Jed Babbin wrote: “Saslaw’s bill — SB 16 — provides that ‘It is unlawful for any person to import, sell, manufacture, purchase, possess or transport an assault firearm’ and makes such actions a Class 6 felony. (In Virginia, Class 6 felonies are punishable by imprisonment for between one and five years.)”

But this applies to only “assault” weapons, right? Quite literally any weapon can be called an “assault” weapon, and when it comes to this new law, “SB 16 provides that a wide range of center-fire rifles, pistols, and shotguns are included in the definition of to-be illegal firearms.” So 100% of “assault rifles” would be banned, but so would a decent chunk of handguns and most shotguns, which the gun control left seldom publicly expresses support for banning.

When governor Northam was asked about confiscating firearms from law abiding gun owners, he replied “that’s something I’m working [on] with our secretary of public safety.”

In response, “sanctuary counties” are popping up across the State to provide sanctuary to law abiding gun owners. It’s of note that when liberals call for sanctuaries its for criminals, while when conservatives call for them it’s for those who want their Constitutional rights projected.  read more

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  1. King George and the British military decided to apply “common sense” gun control to the Colonies starting in Concord.

    They thought they could.

    They were wrong.

  2. It’s ironic that the 2nd amendment as we know it is an amalgam of the demand from Virginia that states be guaranteed the right to raise militias and the demand from Massachusetts that the right of the citizen to keep and bear arms be protected.

  3. They need to form a coalition (pool their money) and sue the State for enacting unconstitutional laws. What part of “shall not be infringed” do they not understand.

    If that doesn’t work…

  4. Oh, I dearly hope some politicians and judges get shot. Or better, hanged. That’s why the Second Amendment exists: it is an unavoidable landmine upon which potential tyrants must tread before they can contemplate seizing power. Nothing will put a politician back in his place faster than making a few of his buddies dead, with the same prospect looming in his immediate future. Or, as Samuel Johnson once wrote, “When a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully.”

  5. “Are there any new Thomas Jefferson’s among the VA population?”

    Better yet, are there any Thomas Paine’s? He’s the founding Father that wrote the REAL “Common Sense”, the foundational premise that the English Monarchy had no right to rule us.

  6. I prefer peace. But if trouble must come, let it come in my time, so that my children can live in peace.

    Thomas Paine

  7. DO something. Sponsor a county level 2nd amendment Ordinance (not a resolution, which carries no weight) in your county. Get it passed. We need to do this nationwide.

    We are even doing this here in Arizona, #1 state for gun rights in the nation. Make your voices heard nationwide.

    A proper ordinance will prohibit any county funds from being spent on the enforcement of laws that violate the 2nd amendment, 5th and 14th amendment due process clause, or 4th amendment seizure of property clause. It will also prohibit participation in any way of county law enforcement personnel, sworn or unsworn.

    This also provides your county Sheriff with backup, since his is bound by his oath NOT to support unconstitutional laws. Many Sheriff’s however violate their oath, or don’t think citizens know that the local Sheriff has final say on law enforcement in their territory.

  8. Can’t say anything about CA gun confiscation without pointing fingers at other States. It’s all coming to your State, no one is exempt from Democrat’s heavy hand around your neck.

  9. LCD had the same thought as I did. Tell ya what Virginia, confiscate from the criminals first. Let that soak for a year and review your crime statistics.
    Then we can talk about what law abiding citizens will accept.

  10. Because, if The Law is subject to change, (with or) without notice, there’s Rules. And Rules must be obeyed. And they shall be obeyed. By those en-titled to rule. Says every smaht, brave, boy, evah.

  11. Remember those ads in the 70s for certain ethnic Amish:
    “We don’t want a handout, we just want a hand up”
    45 years later free shit abounds!
    Give ’em an inch, they’ll take a mile!
    There’s something to be said about those old colloquialisms.

  12. This is not gun confiscation. This is gun elimination. Funded by Soros. In a big way, these are all Soros funded candidates that were elected. Of course only the law abiding will be disarmed. People are pissed. And motivated. The Boogaloo just might start in Virginia.

  13. Virginia Citizens Defense League is planning a HUGE Lobby Day for Monday, Jan 20. 8am to 1pm. On the Capitol grounds In Richmond.

    I will be there. I urge all Virginians and all like minded patriots from all over the country to peaceably assemble and show our numbers. Put the fear of God in these newly purchased and haggard old leftist legislators.

    We will not go silently into your dark world.

    Join or die.

  14. When seconds count, the police are just minutes away.

    As I post before:
    George Soros, Tom Steyer, Michael Bloomberg, Koch brothers
    Same Shit, new face.

  15. I was hoping to here from @PHenry on this one.

    And guess what? WE DID…

    Thanks for the h/t Mr Henry but I live to far away and NY is as effed up as Va. IOW we have our ‘own’ local problems/leftists to deal with…

  16. ^^^^^
    VCDL thing will get HUGE. First Richmond Tea Party in 2009 was 5,000 strong and there were only early threats from a young Obama administration. Wouldn’t be surprised if we double that number.

    Come and Take it rally is serious business. Lose the second amendment and the first is also lost.

  17. ‘Gun control’ gun confiscation, limitations of the 2nd Amendment, gun restrictions…..It’s ALL BULLSHIT.

    We should be talking about citizens being allowed to possess rocket launchers, hand grenades, cannons, even Abram tanks.

    Our ‘government’ is OUT of control and the ‘built-in’ safeties have already failed.

    The WAR has already started and it is the LIBERAL, democrat, socialist, commies that initiated it.

  18. We need to build not one law but several . One at the border to the states on the Pacific coast. Then one in Mexico. Then one along the Mason Dixon line.

  19. @ PHenry – I attended a Tea Party rally in White Plains,NY that very ‘March’.

    The last time Glover was in White Plains, was with the 14th in 1776, we were the last to leave the battle from Millers Hill. The cannons were pointed to the encamped British to the south as the Continentals evacuated and marched north. It was basically a draw.

    General Washington had two headquarters in White Plains at two different points in the battle and later in the war when he went back with Rochambeau on the way south to the Battle of Yorktown, in YOUR state!

    Fight on Patty H!

  20. Gee, good thing they don’t infringe on the rest of the BOR like they do the 2nd….oh, wait…
    Isn’t it time to start shooting the bastards yet?

  21. I reject SB16, but it doesn’t really come after traditional pistols (which accounted for 276 homicides in 2018 vs 14 for rifles).

    The pistols cited are AR and AK pistols that are made to skirt the federal minimum barrel length. I still disagree with them trying to ban them though.

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