Virginia Police Officers Will Now Ask Racial Questions At Traffic Stops

WTOP reported that sheriffs, local police officers, and state police officers will now ask drivers about their race, ethnicity, and gender to compile data that will be used to determine if police departments disproportionately target certain groups. STORY

30 Comments on Virginia Police Officers Will Now Ask Racial Questions At Traffic Stops

  1. I would ask the cop for the paper he’s writing on and I would write a note to Northam. Ask him why he’s treating the police like nursemaids and then
    make sure to mention Northam is a racist piece of shit. My race is none of anybody’s business.

  2. So, now they are going to have quotas on how many Whites, Blacks, Asians, Gays, Trans, Females they pull over in a month?

    What could possible go wrong?

  3. Will this be asked of brown people as well as their legal status?
    Will they be sent ‘back to where they came from’?

    I have my doubts.

  4. Sometimes the police (White Shirts) are their own worst enemies.

    Yesterday I was heading home from work and saw 2 OPP coppers pull over 2 Sikh Riders on their Custom Harleys for not wearing helmets.

    1) They have a religious exemption that everyone knows about.
    2) In today’s Bullshit environment why didn’t they just FIDO.
    (Fuck It Drive On) Not worth paperwork & civil complaint
    3) If they get into an accident its their cracked skull, less medical re-hab to the Canuckistan health system.

  5. I would tell ’em that identify as a black trans gender female, and then see what they do. Heh. All my blood relatives are of northern European origin.

  6. …Cincinnati did this after the 2001 race riots as part of a consent decree. They had to fill out “Contact Cards”, and got in trouble if they pulled over “too many” Blacks, even though it was a MAJORITY Black city.

    This had the net effect of sending CPD mostly up onto the highways that went THROUGH the City so they could jump on all the visibly White folks they possibly COULD in a shift…

    …they got relesed from it, but it’s basically a Black PD now, so they keep on harassing Da Man and the Black Chief kneels with rioters, so Blackness is now safe in Sadcinnati, Whiteness not so much…

  7. @Sarthurk–I was thinking along the same lines but thought all white people should say they identify as an Asian woman.

  8. Is BLM going to camp out in front of his colonial mansion and riot, then demand he be removed? Of course not.

  9. So let me see if I have this right: Police have to ask someone his or her or it’s race to determine if people of a certain race are being pulled over too much? If the police cannot tell what someone’s race is then how can they be pulling over a certain race disproportionately?

  10. Didn’t answer on the federal census form, damn sure wouldn’t answer to the city, county or state.

  11. Cato, if you get pulled over and the officer has to ask what race you are while looking at you….”I’M BLACK AS FUCK.” seems to be the go to answer.

    Followed by, “NOW WHATCHU GONNA DO?”

  12. “Sir, I need to know your race, ethnicity, and gender.”

    “None, none, and none.”

    “Then who are you?”

    “I.M. Nobody.”

    “Well, you have to be someone, now, don’t you?”

    “I am. That’s my name, I.M. Nobody. What yours? R.U. Stupid?”

  13. It’s apparent how the soros Maoists are trying to re-segregate the races: divide and conquer.

    Make sure you identify as black, no matter what your race!

  14. What do the cops do about the the Shaun Kings and Rachel Dolezal’s of the world? I’m white, but I identify a black.

  15. race: human
    ethnicity: United States Citizen
    gender: last week, this week or next week?

    play stupid games, get the answers you deserve

  16. I think I’d go with “I’m a Chinaman.”

    Officer; Excuse me?

    Me: “Its like the N word.Only chinese people can say chinaman.”
    “I say it because I’M CHINESE AS FUCK.”

    Just pick a race and have fun with it.

  17. Just keep a sign that says, “I’m not talking about my day, thank you” and just refuse to answer questions, it’s your legal right to remain silent and not incriminate yourself, because the police are there to get you talking, lie, contradict, smell for marijuana and alcohol, just don’t answer any questions.


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