Virginia Reparations Begin

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With Virginia in the national spotlight over race and reconciliation, Richmond City Council voted on Monday to rename Boulevard after African American tennis star, AIDS activist and Richmond native Arthur Ashe.

The council voted in favor of the proposal 8-0-1, with 8th District council member Reva Trammell abstaining. The City Council heard from more than three dozen supporters of the name change, including family and friends of Ashe.

Jolynn Johnson Smith, the granddaughter of one of Ashe’s coaches, Robert W. Johnson, said she thought the time was right for this change given the recent revelations that Governor Ralph Northam and Attorney General Mark Herring appeared in blackface in 1980s.

“Ashe was a humanitarian, a professional, and someone who believed in doing the right thing,” Smith said. “At this time in our history, when we still are honoring the Confederate soldiers on Monument Avenue, I would implore you to do the right thing and give Arthur Ashe his due.”

That sentiment was echoed by 2nd District council member Kim Gray, who sponsored the bill.


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  1. OK, I have never heard of Arthur Ashe being anything other than a fine guy. But how in the hell does it take $330,000.00 worth of street signs to do this?

  2. If I remember right, he developed AIDS as a result of a blood transfusion. Not the result of gay sex, not that there is anything wrong with that.

  3. OK,

    First of all you could not live through the 70’s and never heard of Arthur Ash. So I am calling BS on Joe6Pak.

    That said, You want to rename my street, 712 Main St. to 712 Arthur Ash St. I have a BIG problem with bills, correspondence, and legal reasons. Stop renaming steets after black people! We don’t need to rename anything. It only hurts the people living on that street. I have never driven down a street named after “Martin Luther King” that I was not extra-cautious.

    So shove it up your asses, we don’t need to take down monuments and we don’t need to rename streets!

  4. @joe6pak: …how in the hell does it take $330,000.00 worth of street signs…”

    “…the city would only pay $30,000 for street signs, with the Virginia Department of Transportation picking up the rest.”

    That’s chump change compared to what the racist baby killer northam would pay to get his ass off the hook. Its not his money. He’ll just raise taxes at the next opportunity, when everyone has forgotten about him and are enjoying his freebies.
    Oh, and I guess just forget about the inconvenience and expenses of all the people and businesses that have to change their addresses for everything. It is/was required to have public approval, probably for that reason, which they didn’t do, but what the hell- its really about helping coonman.

  5. If a street is named after a famous black man then I know not to drive on it or walk on it. Because of regular gunfire and beatings.

    Thank you for your segregation. Diversity is for colleges!

  6. Ouch!…Just kidding! : : : : I am a humble and strong schmo! Unlike these two small balls that you featured : :Ha! ha! little balls man! : :G:F:Y: ::: <—little, littler, littlest!

  7. Who wants to talk about WINNING?

    They’re such Big Balls
    And they’re really Big Balls
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    Yea, but D’s got the biggest Balls of them ALL

    , Not :

  8. Well maybe it’ll help the public navigate our city streets a little. easier. There’s enough MLK streets,aves, and blvds in each and every city now days that nobody can find their way around.

  9. “With Virginia in the national spotlight over race and reconciliation ……. ”

    Is this something like South Africa’s “Truth and reconciliation”?

    It worked out well for them, as we can now see, maybe it will do the same for us.

  10. He’s a fuckin tennis player, for heaven’s sake.
    Can’t Richmond find some other negro to “honor?” Say, one who invented something useful? Or cured a cancer? Or somehow made life better for Virginians?
    Or can Richmond only find an athletic negro to “honor?”

    Good player and a good man by all accounts, but really? Does Richmond need an “Ilia Nastase” street?

    How bout naming a street after the first negro-guy who opened a plumbing company in Richmond?

    izlamo delenda est …

  11. Nothing like Gov Northan assuaging his personal guilt with VA taxpayer dollars so he can stay in office. Now that is some real personal bravery. \s


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