Virginia sandwich shop gets raided by cops- Shut down for defying Covid orders 2 years ago – IOTW Report

Virginia sandwich shop gets raided by cops- Shut down for defying Covid orders 2 years ago

Not The Bee: A Fredericksburg restaurant that has repeatedly made headlines for defying Virginia’s COVID mandates during the height of the pandemic and battling to maintain its licenses was subject to a search and seizure by the Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority (ABC) Friday morning.

A search warrant was issued for Gourmeltz’s sales records and any information related to “possession of alcoholic beverages without a license, maintaining a common nuisance and the illegal sale of alcoholic beverages.”

Gourmeltz owner Matt Strickland had his license to sell wine/beer/mixed beverages on and off-premises suspended in September 2021, but ABC put a stay on enforcing the order to give Strickland time to appeal. In November 2022, a final ruling was issued and ABC ordered Gourmeltz to halt selling alcohol for 90 days. The agency said it would reduce the suspension to 15 days if Strickland paid a $4,000 penalty and more than $6,400 in investigation costs. But Gourmeltz did not comply. h/t PHenry.

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  1. Maintaining a common nuisancey
    DC MD VA
    They are the Experts at Extractions
    And Penalties and Fees and License

    Old Bay Style

  2. After 2 years and still no one has bothered to read the side of the box that says masks do absolutely nothing to prevent the coof.

  3. … and they will just be following orders when they come to take us to democrat slave labor camps for their democrat party masters.

  4. Toenex
    DECEMBER 6, 2022 AT 10:15 AM
    “At some point somebody is going to snap?”

    That’s what we WANT to happen. Then we can use all our purged military and law enforcement agencies to eliminate you peasants directly like we REALLY want to do.

    We have assets in place for this, and we own ALL your tech so you can’t do anything we don’t know about, so go ahead and snap

    We’ll be waiting.

  5. So I’m assuming all crimes have been solved, no reason to fund Cold Cases anymore, everyone drives the speed limit, druggies have moved on, teachers are no longer having sex with students, and the Chief of Police is a democrat, and the sandwich shop owner is a Republican?

  6. You oughtta hear this ome about this old lady.
    She lived on a long loud skinny street
    The Banker Coppers got her but good
    And charged her extra for the service

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  8. @ Toenex DECEMBER 6, 2022 AT 10:15 AM

    The fear I have is that God only knows how many of the millions of people whose lives have been destroyed are slowly, methodically plotting as Tim McVeigh did and when they decide to act that they will do so without regard to the collateral damage their revenge will cause to hundreds or thousands of innocent people.

  9. @JDHasty
    Collateral damage, Christian martyrdom or rapture. In any case God will give us the grace to go through it and He will be with us to the end.

  10. Lunch today at Gourmeltz? It was pretty quiet. No adult beverages were being served.

    The boot of government is firmly on Matt Strickland’s neck.

    Both my wife and I have written to Governor Youngkin but that was only yesterday. This will take some time.

    I did drop off the Five Times August CD ‘Silent War’.
    That whole album is outstanding and I see it as being the restaurant’s rallying cry. Anti Biden, Anti Fauci and it’s great. Go look it up if you are unfamiliar with it.

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