Virginia State board backs plan for removing Lee monument by cutting it in three sections

RTD: A state review board has unanimously approved a plan for removing the Lee monument near downtown Richmond — with the statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee and the horse he is riding to be cut into three sections for eventual reassembly in a different setting and historical context than on Monument Avenue.

The plan depends on court review of Gov. Ralph Northam’s authority to remove the 130-year-old monument, erected in 1890, early in the Jim Crow era of racial segregation. A Richmond judge has halted the process indefinitely to consider two legal challenges to the governor’s order on June 4 to remove a monument that had become the target of street protests over racial injustice. read more

See Also: Richmond judge bars removal of lone remaining Richmond-owned Confederate statue.

After chiding Mayor Levar Stoney’s handling of civil unrest, a Richmond judge barred his administration from taking down any more Confederate statues in the city for 60 days.

Richmond Circuit Court Judge Bradley B. Cavedo on Thursday granted an anonymous plaintiff’s request for a temporary injunction in a suit brought against Stoney Tuesday. The mayor ordered Richmond’s Confederate iconography removed beginning last week using his “emergency powers.” The statues, Stoney has said and his lawyers argued, were a threat to public safety.

Not so, Cavedo said from the bench. “Rioters” and the absence of “law and order” are threats, he said. Police had told him directly they were “being told to stand down,” he said.

“We’ve been through three police chiefs now, and I don’t see much of a difference. And who is their boss?” MORE HERE

24 Comments on Virginia State board backs plan for removing Lee monument by cutting it in three sections

  1. Can we take the Lee’s horse’s ass and plop
    It into the front yard of the Governor’s Mansion for temporary storage?

    Maybe ole Blackface can pose with it.


  2. Then, we can have a statue cast of our esteemed Governor Northam, spray the face with black spray paint, and install it on the same pedestal, leaving the graffiti in place. A true monument to their summer of discontent.

  3. They can take down the statues. But they can’t remove the beautiful spirit of the Confederacy from our hearts.

  4. @Derrick

    I refer you to the electoral maps of Virginia. Northern VA, aka, deep state DC, rolls the rest of this state electorally. That and Richmond and Newport News.

    This is a red state once one escapes the high density areas. And their mental density cannot be overstated.

  5. When aliens land, cry some and make demands, these so called leaders will roll over and give up without a fight or a question.

  6. It’s pretty well documented that MLK had multiple partners outside of his wedlock to Correta Scott King. Jesse Jackson was on the porch when MLK was assassinated and we all know about Jessie’s love for the covenant of marriage. I’d like for all MLK statues to be cut into 3 pieces and dispersed to his and Jessies out of wedlock children….Of course, marriage between man and woman has become debatable….so, there is that…

  7. …..By the way, I applied to be a welder for renowned artist Ed Dwight for his bronzes. He is a really good sculptor and tig welding bronze is like soldering, it ain’t stainless, it’s easy. I had a problem though, I was white and I wasn’t a very hot latina chick….Ed had a thing for latina chicks….

  8. I say blast it to gravel while those calling for the removal are gathered to watch. Might not want to publicize the method of ‘removal’ beforehand though.

  9. @ Little Morphin’ Annie: “…Then, we can have a statue cast of our esteemed Governor Northam, spray the face with black spray paint…”

    it should have a pair of uterine forceps grabbing on to it and a pair of bloody surgical sissors sticking out of the back of its neck.
    at least use a Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane, please, and simply move it as one piece. If they cut it, they’ll ruin it as they dismantle or transport it, or just never ‘bother’ to reassemble it.

  10. And in the morning it is discovered all the old statues have been mysteriously replaced with statues of huge insects.

  11. Someone should shoot the first fucker that lays a hand on that statue along with the bastard that signed the approval to do it.

    That’s right, I said it.

  12. There are only two statues left on Monument Avenue. Robert E. Lee is tied up in federal court in a fight with Good Ole Blackface Who Makes Everyone Else Pay For HIS SINS.

    And Arthur Ashe, a tennis player nobody cares about.
    That statue was ridiculous from day one. Now his family doesn’t even want the silly statue there. It was always awkwardly out of place.

    I could rail on, but it is pointless.

    I live somewhat near Richmond and didn’t frequent it much. Generally for protests, but occasionally for a meal or concert. There will not be much dining or concert going and this city will come to an ignominious collapse.

    And Democrats top to bottom did it.

  13. If the morons are going to demand the removal from history of every person that did some great things, but didn’t otherwise live a perfect, error free life. As judged by their self righteous standards. There won’t be any memorials or statues left.

    The actions of these jackasses is why I’ve pretty much stopped watching or reading the news six weeks ago. Just worn out by the reports of madness, violence, ignorance, and stupidity.


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