Virginia to allow distilleries to ship directly to consumers The Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority is now allowing distilleries to ship spirits directly to in-state consumers.

The temporary change is an effort to help distilleries suffering from financial hardship during the coronavirus pandemic.

This change applies only the distilleries that have existing agreements with ABC to produce and sell their products at their site. There are about 45 distilleries throughout the state with existing agreements.

A full list of distillery stores — which includes Richmond’s James River Distillery, Parched Group, Reservoir Distillery, and Virago Spirits — can be found at

“Virginia distilleries contribute to the economic vitality of the commonwealth, and it’s important that they have some flexibility in how they are able to provide their products to consumers while their tasting rooms are closed,” said ABC Chief Executive Officer Travis Hill. “The Virginia Distillers Association is a key partner in working with our distillery store agents to craft responsible policy solutions to address the unprecedented circumstances of this crisis.” more

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  3. ““Virginia distilleries contribute to the economic vitality of the commonwealth …….. ”

    And which OT the forbidden industries that are now collapsing don’t (or didn’t)?.

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  5. Throw in a case of toilet paper with some of those fruity light beverages and I’ll order out of state. ♡

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