Virginia Woman Told To “Call City Hall” When BLM Mob Attacks Her Vehicle, Menacing Her Child – IOTW Report

Virginia Woman Told To “Call City Hall” When BLM Mob Attacks Her Vehicle, Menacing Her Child


Fox Host Tucker Carlson broadcasts a stunning example showing how average Americans are being terrorized by rampaging mobs as local and state officials do nothing. In the example a woman driving with her daughter through Fredericksburg, Virginia, is attacked by a mob of Black Lives Matter thugs. Panicked, the lady calls 911 for help. The response from the 911 operator is to chastise the woman and tell her to “call city hall” with her complaint. This is a prime example of what Marxist Democrats support. More.

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  1. “What goes around comes around.” 911 directed her to “City Hall”. If that’s where the criminals bosses live……..

  2. This may actually be a good thing, the impetus needed for folks to realize that their safety is in nobody’s hands but theirs.

    The old adage that, “When seconds count, the police are minutes away”, well, now the police are totally removed from the equation. If you want to protect your family, if you do NOT want to become a victim, prepare yourself in any manner you see fit. Whether its packing heat, getting a rottweiler, a can of pepper spray, or becoming a black belt, nobody is coming to your rescue, time to deal with that.

  3. I remember when people were supposed to call 911.
    Oh man, I feel old.

    Will city hall be able to connect me with the coroner?

  4. “Hello, City Hall? The Police refused a call for assistance and left me in fear for my life and my child’s life, so I had no choice but to shoot until the threat was ended, then drive a safe distance away.

    So now I’m in Mexico, and you have a pretty nasty mess to clean up at the corner of Sepulvida and MLK Drive. The Police aren’t needed any longer, but a Sanitation crew would be a good idea.

    Have a nice day…”

  5. Sue the 911 operator personally, her union, then the city.

  6. the cops in Virginia are to busy chasseing down social distance violators
    Virginia urges residents to anonymously report churches for congregating
    you can do the right thing (or the Reich thing) here;
    It would be a shame if the site had to be shut down because it was hit with tens of thousands of obscene spam messages just saying

  7. “Just a matter of time before someone
    }panics{ and hits the gas…”

    Or starts pulling the trigger.

    No sense in taking a chance on damaging your car when you don’t have to.

  8. The way things are going it won’t be long before everybody knows somebody that’s been attacked. Seems like these thugs are being more likely to carry guns themselves, they are organized.


    Just a matter of time before someone
    }panics{ and BUSTS OUT AN ALMIGHTY CAN O’ WHUPASS on the dipshits… 😡

  10. “Get out of my car”?!?

    …I live near a city where random White people were pulled from their cars and beaten into unconsciousness BEFORE, for the crime of being White. You open MY car door, that’s threatening my life. I will them end the threat by the speediest means available.

    I won’t ask you to get out, tho. Fact is, you won’t be able to do ANYTHING on your own EVER AGAIN.

    …but you’ll probably FALL out since I’ll be ending the threat before you get very far and speeding away immediately afterwards, starting in low gear though just in case any of your comrades are idiot enough to still be standing in FRONT of me…

  11. I took the 911 operator’s advice and called City Hall. I asked them for a referral to a good auto detailing shop so I could get the body parts and blood cleaned out of the grill and bumpers.

  12. One of the arguments in the California law suit to repeal the 10 round mag capacity, which was briefly successful, and the argument that seems to influence the judge the most was one right to defend themselves against a mob. We are now waiting for an incompetent Attorney General to respond.

  13. @ Bad_Brad

    Mag restrictions are bullshit laws designed to make the lefties feel better. We all know that you can change a mag in 2 seconds, if you are slow, but like everyone knows you cannot surrender 1 inch to the gun grabbers.

    10 rounds of .40 is still quite effective.

    Up here we have Zero rounds of Fuck All. (i miss my SIG226 & 1911’s the most)

    Never stop fighting for your 2nd, look at us!

  14. If what I read and see is correct, the police are here to protect the protesters (aka criminal rioters and vandals), not the citizen victims.

    So give the scum what they deserve, but you better have the money and a good lawyer to defend yourself against the Soros placed District Attorney prosecuting your ass.

  15. I wonder…some oldish white couple is in their car surrounded and in a panic so they gun the engine and two are killed in the road…many videos. BLM etc gather and demand that the couple be charged with murder, it is considered a safer choice so as to avoid mob destruction. So, what will the DA decide? Those citizens not protest/rioting will surely sit by and say nothing…or. Perhaps a thousand armed conservatives break them out of jail…stay tuned.

  16. Fun Fact: it is much harder for an angry mob to flip over a moving vehicle. When in doubt – hit the gas!


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