Virtue Signaling Progressive Swedes Say Citizens Should Accept Refugees Into Their Homes… Until….

…they are presented with one.

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  1. Rats. Typical liberal rats.

    They love anything they can put on a flag and on their sleeves.

    “Lookit ME! I’M A FOOKIN LIBERAL!”

    Then tell him he doesn’t get a tax rebate on his faggot car. Then tell him he doesn’t get a tax rebate on his fookin SOLAR TOPEE PANELS on his roof… then tell him he needs 14 rapist beheaders in his basement.

    Talk about hypocrisy. These maggots are the DEFINITION of lying hypocritical scum.

  2. I remember some time last year reading about a church community that wanted to help some refugees. So they found a candidate (don’t recall whether a single or small family), brought them to their town, welcomed them, and got them set up with all the government programs to feed and house them.
    In other words they helped, up to the point of actually spending much money. Then they foisted the cost off onto you and me. But told the world how magnanimous they were.
    If you are going to help people, and I know many of us do, you have to be willing to commit your own time, your own space, your own dollars. Don’t push it onto government subsidy and act like you did a good thing. Jesus never did nor did he recommend it.

  3. Kinda like we’ll accept Mueller’s report. Then they hear the report is coming out with no indictments against Trump and now its unacceptable. Pretty similar huh?

  4. And the liberal youts and their obsession with socialism. One day they would wake up wonder just what the phook happened.

  5. Just like leftists want to take YOUR money, not theirs, they want to house refugees in YOUR house, not theirs.

    Even virtue signaling idiots don’t want to sleep with one eye open…

  6. Loved this video!

    This is the model everyone should use when they are asking questions of the man on the street, or more importantly the man on campus:

    1. Ask and receive a typical leftist answer.
    2. Have the second part of the question with the reality attached as a surprise present.
    3. Demonstrate to leftist and viewers how inane and virtue signalingly (I know it’s not a real word) foolish the first answer actually was.

  7. The state of Hypothesis is in Utopia where unicorns, rainbows and obamaphones can be had for the taking.


    You gotta read this. Madison (the communist capital of the midwest) virtue signals for poor blacks UNTIL POOR BLACKS will move into their upscale neighborhood via an unused office building had plans to convert it into low income housing.

    A MUST READ (It’s an older article, but it still checks out)

    And to visually see where Shorewood Hills is, along the expensive lake front, here is your map, NEXT TO THE COUNTRY CLUB!

  9. Mith, good article. Right off the bat…

    “But some Shorewood Hills residents say the project would strain the village’s modest police force and other municipal services and be detrimental to its character.”

    By their own standards, liberals turn into racist profilers at the very idea, not wanting any coloreds living ’round here. Hypocrites. Wonder what happened with the plan.

  10. Be assured that a walk through the ocean of most Liberal souls would scarcely get your feet wet! With all their silly Hope and Change, Climate lies, White guilt, Liberal Bed-Wetting, Refugee-coddling Bullshit, their world continues to deteriorate.
    You are a Fluke
 of the Universe. You have no right to be here…and whether you can hear it or not the Universe is laughing behind your Open Borders, Gay-obsessed, two-faced hypocritical backs!

  11. Typical lefties. It’s a great idea, to palm off on someone else….
    Like the hordes swarming over the border here.

  12. Liberals and their hypocrisy is so predictable, it’s boring. Mithrandir, a similar but different thing happened at Children’s Memorial Hospital which is in an upscale neighborhood in Chgo. The hospital needed a heliport on the roof for transplants to be flown in for the children. The entire Neighborhood banned together to protest said heliport, because the noise would disturb their BBQs. They suck.

  13. Someone needs to round-up about 4 tent-fuls of the deadheads living on the street in sanfran and truck them up to the edge of the wall surrounding Nancy’s place and then help them get set-up and put a camera truck on them and step back to see the effect.


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