Virus gonna virus

Gonna virus gonna virus gonna virus gonna…

Alex Berenson: We are almost two years into the plague di tutti plagues, the virus with a 3 in 1,000 death rate (give or take), which rounds down to roughly 0 in 1,000 for the non-elderly and morbidly obese.

Along the way, lots of different states and countries have pursued lots of different strategies, from Zero Covid to Zero Restrictions, from early vaccines to late vaccines to (basically) no vaccines.

Two years should be long enough to know who wore it best, amirite? So let’s go to the videotape!

Here’s the United Kingdom (heavy early lockdown, 70% vaccinated, tons of testing, just like the public health people want) more here

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  1. In Las Vegas on The Orleans Casino sign is a pro-vax advert showing some sap getting a shot.
    The text:
    “Get Vaxxed”
    “It’s Safe”
    “It’s Effective”
    “It’s Free’

    Safe? You might ask the thousands that died after the jab, but they aren’t exactly vocal anymore.

    Effective? You might ask the thousands that died after the jab and still got covid, but they aren’t exactly vocal anymore.

    Free? Methinks record profits from Pfizer, J&J, Astrazenica say otherwise…

    Something SO EFFECTIVE would have people clamoring for it, not requiring such Soviet style propaganda…so FUCK OFF ASSHOLES!

  2. Tonight was the first game for the Seattle Kraken in the awfully named Climate Change Arena. All attendees had to vaxxed and had to show proof via an app or vax card. Will it be a super spreader event? Will they admit it if is is? No unclean unvaxed were permitted inside so let’s see what happens next.

  3. Illustr8r, I hope there are some enterprising souls out there faking vax cards & apps that come out after the fact and shove it in their faces!

    Thing is, if you have some dude making $8.25 an hour and the electronic device isn’t loading right and there are thousands of people trying to enter he is just going to let folks on by.

    I sneaked into many concerts & 1,000 R rated movies due to low paid ticket takers and an overwhelming mob.

    The folly that these idiots think all are vaxed in the venue and thus SAFE tells you everything!
    Fucking MORONS!

  4. I had someone try to convince me to get the jab and she ended up saying just get it, it is free. When has anything free been good?! I keep thinking of an old stained sofa missing a cushion on the corner with the sign ‘FREE’ on it. Meanwhile I see all the folks rushing out to get their booster shots at the pharmacies – masked, looking unhealthy and scared. No thanks.

  5. One of the comments on that article mentioned how the CDC has expanded what constitutes COVID symptoms. That reminded me of Road Rage. When Road Rage first became a concern, it meant someone trying to shoot somebody or bust his head open with a baseball bat. Now “Road Rage” included giving someone the finger or giving him a dirty look.

    When people get money and power (but I am being redundant) to take care of a “problem,” the definition of that “problem” gets more and more encompassing.

  6. First off, corona isn’t a plague, it’s a vir5us. Not even on the same level as the Spanish flu. I wonder how many on a given day/week that someone on this planet doesn’t have a cold or flu? Who wants to make money off of calling it a plague? We haven’t seen a plague in biblical proportions leashed out against planet earth in anyone’s lifetime living now or in the past 100 years. There’s been genocides in the past 2 years and still coming. Genocide during WWII and no lessons learned. Resist!


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