Virus nixes Trump’s stadium rallies, so campaign draws virtual crowds through digital TV

Pioneering ‘virtual campaign’ rallies on Facebook and Twitter have attracted more than a million viewers apiece, campaign says.


President Trump is known for his signature, raucous, stadium-sized rallies drawing thousands of in-person supporters to stadiums nationwide. Supporters often stand in line for hours to pack in closely together to clap, cheer, and, presumably, share a few germs. 

But with tight federal guidelines during the coronavirus pandemic recommending that gatherings be capped at just 10 people and state orders to shelter in place, those rallies are a thing of the past. Through at least April 30 and the end of “social distancing” to stop the spread of the coronavirus, campaigning is going virtual to keep voters and campaign staff healthy. 

Against the backdrop of a country fighting a global pandemic, the Trump campaign is embracing its unorthodox, David-vs.-Goliath mentality that catapulted an unexpected GOP political newcomer into the White House. The campaign is in some ways building its own startup, digital television network, a coronavirus-inspired version of “Trump TV,” that could rival any of the conservative digital television networks, from OANN and Newsmax to The Blaze and Fox Nation. READ MORE

9 Comments on Virus nixes Trump’s stadium rallies, so campaign draws virtual crowds through digital TV

  1. I’m sorry but NO.

    I have about a week left in me before I am going to lose patience with governors and mayors shutting down our economy and our way of life.

    OK. Maybe a week is a bit generous.

    They cannot arrest us all.

    I want to go to a sports bar, eat some wings, watch
    some baseball, drink a beer and tip my servers.

    The post apocalyptic election year environment engineered by Democrats for we plebes is about to become totally unacceptable.

  2. @PHenry – a friend posted this story, in my backyard (and I stand-up paddle):

    My comment was similar to yours – and recognizing that regardless of my actions this is what we will see next week:
    I understand the argument – that others will try to follow suit and police will be overwhelmed. But in the meantime there are plenty of hotbeds of group activity that are being ignored. Last I heard Santa Monica farmer’s market was still going, they claim they are being careful. Well, this guy is certainly practicing social distancing.
    We are starting to gain control over the pandemic, both locally and globally. Starting is the key word, but we can see the resolution on the horizon. There is going to be a huge amount of pushback next week, both as a result of ‘cabin fever’ and economic pressures.

  3. Let’s wait a week or two and see how things turn out in Sweden, which seems to be the only modern democracy that has NOT gone crazy on the quarantine stuff. Do a search on sweden virus to read all about it. If they come out OK, it will make the rest of the world look insane.

  4. @LeftCoastDan

    I meant to go surveil the closest Mosque today. They squat on the floor nose hole to a’hole quite tightly. Are authorities enforcing the social distancing rules like they are in churches and synagogues.

    Damn. I forgot all about it today.

  5. “Trump TV?”

    How about “Trump FCC?”

    I want to see Trump say “Fuck YOU!” to some Progressive shit bag politician or media jerk.

    And then imagine millions of people cheering.

  6. PHenry APRIL 3, 2020 AT 3:29 PM

    They cannot arrest us all.

    I want to go to a sports bar, eat some wings, watch
    some baseball, drink a beer and tip my servers.

    I was talking to a liberal friend from San Diego a couple of days ago about the coming economic recovery and told him things will be fine as soon as you let people go back to work. This is an imposed problem – not like a hurricane has wiped out a city or state.

    The main point I had for him – at some point people are going to say “F this” and go back to work. Because people need to survive and being told to sit down won’t be enough to keep them from working.

    My patience never materialized. I told my church friends if they aren’t imposing martial law, I’m working. They’re going to have to force me not to.

    I do wear my latex gloves I use for work when I go shopping now. There are no hugs or handshakes right now. That will return to normal, despite what leftist dystopian claims say. I am fortunate no one is staying with me right now, so no risk of something being brought home to me by another person.

    Completely believe people will have enough of this and get back to work despite any edicts not to. It’s a matter of survival.

    I have one piece of advice for those that may commit crimes to get their family fed: Don’t act like zombies when so many people have been preparing for a zombie apocalypse for years.

    When I see used trucks going for a song (something I could use) I’ll know we’ve really entered a time of troubles. And I’ll get one or two of them.

    I am a man of faith and trust in Jesus. I fear nothing about this chaos the left and NWO globalists wish upon us.

  7. People really need to ask themselves a question: Would the Chicoms have done anything different if they were actually trying to destroy the West, especially the United States and President Trump in particular?
    The more this goes on the more I think this was a weaponized virus. Wether it was turned loose on purpose or by accident is now pretty much a moot point. What they’ve really turned loose are democRATs and their complicit Bought & Paid For, Knee-Pad Media and a whole host of misery merchants who feed on chaos and confusion!


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