Voicemail indicates Joe Biden knew of Hunter deals with ‘spy chief of China’ – IOTW Report

Voicemail indicates Joe Biden knew of Hunter deals with ‘spy chief of China’

NY Post

Joe Biden called his son Hunter in late 2018 to discuss a New York Times article detailing the younger Biden’s dealings with a Chinese oil tycoon accused of economic crimes – telling him, “I think you’re clear,” according to a report Monday.

The voicemail, discovered on a cell phone backup contained on Hunter Biden’s infamous discarded laptop, would appear to contradict President Biden’s continued denial that he ever talked with his disgraced 52-year-old son about his overseas business transactions — and was aware they could be improper.

“Hey pal, it’s Dad,” Joe Biden said, the Daily Mail reported. “It’s 8:15 on Wednesday night. If you get a chance just give me a call. Nothing urgent. I just wanted to talk to you.”

Biden then made his intentions clear.

“I thought the article released online, it’s going to be printed tomorrow in the Times, was good,” Biden continued. “I think you’re clear. And anyway if you get a chance give me a call, I love you.”

During a campaign appearance in Iowa in September 2019, Joe Biden said, “I have never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings.” His former press secretary, Jen Psaki, and his chief of staff, Ron Klain, have both repeatedly echoed that sentiment. more

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  1. The news media and Democrats will all over this demanding his resignation and impeachment because it’s the best thing for our nation… Phew, when pigs fly

  2. How unusual that TAFFYHEAD Joe and
    CRACKHEAD Hunter are proven to be
    criminals once again

    Not that the FBI, DOJ or cxkr
    Merrick Garland care

  3. What the Hell is this obsession with the Bidens? Ashley writes every embarrassing incident down in a journal and leaves it behind in Florida. Humper keeps every disgusting photograph, video, email, and incriminating document he has on a laptop and leaves in Delaware. Since Dementia Joe can’t remember anything, his corrupt legacy is being written by his two dysfunctional children. There is enough here for a dozen Congressional Investigations and Impeachment and Conviction. Thanks Kids.

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