VOLAGS Sag As Refugee Inflow Lags



It’s been a rough few months for America’s voluntary agencies who specialize in resettling refugees (shortened to Vol Ag or VOLAG). The inflow of the displaced are down to a 15 year low and so are the federal monies that these organizations are wholly dependent upon. With the shortage of taxpayer dollars, some agencies have had to shut down some of their resettlement offices. The agencies and their lobbying group, Refugee Council USA, are demanding that the spigot of federal funding be opened back up to keep their cozy crony relationships going. More



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15 Comments on VOLAGS Sag As Refugee Inflow Lags

  1. The Pigs at the government trough are squealing.

    The executives of the groups will just have to survive on the $Millions of tax dollars they’ve stolen in huge salaries and perks.

    No sympathy for the pigs.

  2. They should get their thumb’s out of their asses, and Help American Homeless Familie’s back into society !

  3. Thank God. My son goes to a Lutheran school. I think the pastor/principal thought I was a little nutty when I grilled him about whether or not any of my tuition money would be paid to the Lutheran arm of this scam. He knew nothing about it. That’s how I found out that there are many factions under the Lutheran umbrella.

  4. It’s a good start. But not yet finished work till all offices are closed. Not just some offices.
    If they want the spigot of money turned back on let them open their own wallet.

    Walter Williams was quite correct, on last Sunday’s new Mark Levin show on FNC, when he said too many Americans want to live at the expense of others. Being unwilling to risk their own neck to steal the money, they vote in politicians to steal it for them, who also make their theft legal.

    These VOLAG people have no shame about demanding other peole’s money.

  5. Now close down the spigot to the biggest charity of all: California!
    I’m tired of having my hard-earned tax dollars fund the law-breaking, Socialistic Wet Dreams of Jerry’s Kidz!

  6. Note that all the organizations appear to be under the umbrella of some religion. This was done to limit opposition by citizens to the overrunning of America by hoards of migrants.

    Except when the mingling of government tax money and religious organizations meet their political agenda, the Lefties will scream separation of Church and State.

    See what would happen if the government paid for a refugee kid’s education in a parochial school.

    One more example of Leftist hypocrisy.


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