Vote For Cuomo, Not the …

Mario Cuomo’s thuggy, low brow, Neanderthal son, Andrew, was roundly believed to have created the campaign slogan that made it’s way on telephone poles in the Cuomo corridor of Queen’s Blvd. during Cuomo’s failed bid to be NTC mayor.

Here’s the poster.

It resurfaced when Koch ran for governor against Cuomo.

Cynthia Nixon, the lesbian leftist loon actress, is running against Andrew for NYS governor.

She quipped that her slogan should be, “Vote For the Homo, Not the Cuomo”, a dig at the underhanded, piggish, dirty campaigner who feigns being a sophisticate when he’s nothing but a corrupt thug that will do anything to get in power.

The sad thing for any conservative NYS resident is that there is practically no chance of not being governed by a leftist loon.

ht/ ghost of col glover

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  1. For all we hear about the Northeast and the sophisticated people who look down upon those in flyover country they sure get snookered by the same cheap con men over and over.

  2. I guess the real question is: “Which is the less corrupt?”
    Socialism (Nihilistic Totalitarianism with a “socialistic” patina) is bad enough, in and of itself, but when coupled with rampant corruption, it becomes unbearable – at least for Americans – New Yorkers seem to be bred to corruption, though, and don’t mind – as long as they can make the rest of America pay for their corruptions.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. The democrat party has finally reached bottom barrel status if these are the best candidates they can provide. Is there any common sense in NYS?

  4. nixon might be a thesbian carpet cleaner but homo cuomo is a window licking crayon eater.

    vote nixon in the primaries !

  5. As a resident of “Fly over upstate New York” the notion of any pure NYC politician being governor is abhorrent but inevitable.
    The policies of sanctuary city in NYC has burgeoned the population of the Big Apple to the extent that Up State is a minority population wise. We are governed against our consent held hostage by the big city democrats who run things like Gotti ran the mob. I wonder if we can secede from the state?????

  6. @ Glenda

    I am a down stater, so ‘down’ my camp and troops abut NYC . BUT… my other camp is above Saratoga. So I get yer pernt.

    Where would your line of demarcation be?!

    @ wisco love me a GREAT PUN! Keep it up!

    AS POTUS might say ‘Believe Me’

    Andrew might be getting a little nervous.

  7. I believe that Andrew Coumo was caught in the act posting the poster “VOTE FOR CUOMO NOT THE HOMO” on Linden Blvd and Cross Bay Blvd by the NYPD, so there has to be record of the incident.

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