Who’s going to WIN SUPER BOWL LI? Patriots or Falcons?

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60 Comments on VOTE POLL – Who’s going to WIN the SUPER BOWL? FALCONS or PATRIOTS?

  1. It’s currently 60/40 for the Patriots at that poll.
    I’m hoping for the Falcons, because that’s the only way I can win the pool I’m in.

  2. I’m going to my annual Super Bowl Party. Normally we don’t really watch the games, but pay attention to the commercials. During half time we always change over to the Animal Planet to watch the Puppy Bowl. I don’t think we will be paying much attention to the commercials this year. Might as well leave it on the Puppy Bowl.

  3. Many of us is boycotting the Super Bowl, and those who just can’t stay away from the game are promising to turn off during the halftime lecture. There will be a Twitter Rally with hashtag “Pray4DJT! Join us!

  4. What is this “Super Toilet Bowl” of which you speak?
    And the winner, as always, will be that Grand Charity (tax free), the NFL.
    The losers, as always, will be the American taxpayers.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. Superbowl LI. The Superbowls’ on Long Island? A Superbowl Legal Insurrection? A Superbowl lithium battery? I’m sure the halftime show with be a big fat LI.

  6. Patriots.
    I have eschewed watching due to the Kapernicks, but if I see any miscreants taking a knee during the Anthem, off it goes.
    I would rather see the Patriots win because then the Conspiracy nuts will draw all kinds of conclusions on Brady’s friendship with the Trumpster.
    Then because Whitey won we can have some more riots.

  7. I couldn’t give a runny shit who wins or even plays. I haven’t watched sports for over 30 years, and I have no plans to do so. If society ever gets around to executing the losing team, then maybe.

  8. seems almost everyone is obsessed with “Balls”
    football-baseball-tennis balls-soccer balls- et cetera-
    Bruce Jenner used to be obsessed with his balls but will probably cut them off if he/she hasn’t done so already. I don’t really care about sports- but you all enjoy whatever it is you do to spend your days-life pursuing. 🙂

  9. WHO cares- the nfl is a politically correct organization with billionaires owing teams that leach off taxpayers and thug players that get away with murder.

  10. As long as my numbers come out in the game pool I don’t care.
    That would pay off my Topsail Island vacation for July and I can concentrate on buying booze.

  11. Hopefully the Patriots! I want to see Goodell’s face when he hands the trophy to Brady.
    Goodell is making the league so p c it’s disgusting.

  12. Before the NFL playoffs began I predicted on the iotw 2017 Prediction Thread that the Falcons will win Superbowl LI in Houston.

    If they do, I will be leading the 2017 predictions. 🙂

    Falcons: 33
    Patriots: 27

    Overtime? Yes

  13. MrHanoverFist.

    Good luck with that. topsail beach is very nice. Maybe I can win my pool and get some walking around money
    for my trip to the Keys next week. Time for a thaw out.

  14. If you could take my interest in football and put it into a scanning electron microscope
    you still could not see it.
    I’ll be practicing for the next 3-gun competition. I practice everyday.

  15. I don’t care, I have to go to bed early since I’m going up to Kalispell, Mt. tomorrow. And besides you couldn’t pay me enough to watch Lady Gaga make an ass out of herself during the halftime show. Baseball season is only 9 days away with pitchers and catchers reporting on Feb. 14. GO MARINERS AND CUBS AND DODGERS!

  16. The super bowl is usually the anticlimactic ending to a sometimes exciting season, depending on which club you are a fan of. I’m not feeling the warmth for some reason, but I am feeling very patriotic this year. I dont think that influences my decision to stand pat with pats. just my 2 cents.

  17. I am a huge football fan and haven’t watched a down of the NFL all year due to Kapernick and the lectures from the play by play crews.

    There is a reason that ratings are down and it isn’t sports bars you fucking morons.

  18. Pfft! Why would I waste time watching football, when I’m enjoying reading comments on iOTWReport?
    Aaaaaannnd… with a dog snuggled up in my lap?

  19. @Beachmom +100

    You’re near Scarborough, right? I read that Goodell requested a police escort from his “beach home” and was denied!

    You don’t mess with Mainers!

    Go Pats 34 – 21, Brady MVP, Jane Skinner leaves Goodell.

  20. OK, I say Patriots even though Brady is a former Wolverine. At least I know he is an American patriot as is the coach.
    Screw the Maltese Falcons.



  22. New England Patriots are a poke in the eye to the ‘Parity-built’ NFL

    This isn’t supposed to happen …. Excellence is not in the NFL’s plan

    How dare the Patriots excel above the rest …. it’s not ‘fair’

    UP YOUR’S NFL … & all you ‘eqalitards’

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