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Voter Choice?

Roll Call – Washington State law (RCW 29A. 52.112) states that only the top two vote getters in the primary will be placed on the ballot for the general election.

This created a one party election this year in the State’s 4th District House race, since two Republicans came in first and second in the primary.  There is no Democrat on the ballot because that party’s candidate came in third.


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  1. I’m a bit apprehensive about all the media stories (such as this one) about how terribly awfully catastrophically apocalyptic the Dem defeat will be this week. The administration’s media lapdogs and cheerleaders know it is going to be very bad, and I think that they are writing these pieces about how it is going to be very, very, VERY bad so that after Tuesday they can write pieces about how Barky & the Dems somehow “won” something.

    Good golly, I hope I’m wrong and that these collectivist monsters DO experience their own personal apocalypses.

  2. Just how bad of a candidate did the Democrats put up in this District that the guy who lost the Republican primary got more votes?

    Levity aside, doesn’t this approach to elections guarantee there is no third party / independent candidate?

    What happens if say the front runner dies in a car wreck and the runner up has to withdraw for health reasons? I’m sure lightening rarely strikes twice, but I wonder how what their back up plan might be?

  3. You guys should see some of the fringe candidates on the Primary ballots. Every nut and his brother with an agenda runs for some damned office and the top two primary system prevents the ongoing circus like you have in Kallyfornea….remember how Ahnold got elected the first time?? There had to be 30 candidates for Gubnor on the ballot that year….

    I live in WA and to date we have not had any problems with the top 2 primary. There are always exceptions but it is not all bad.

  4. I am hoping and praying that Clint Didier wins on Tuesday. His Republican opponent Dan Newhouse was endorsed the other day by Slade Gorton one of our former US Senators. I am hoping that will be a kiss of political death and the democraps are also encouraging their voters to vote for Mr. Newhouse. The 4th District which includes most of central Wash. state (the Tricities, Yakima, Ellensburg, Moses Lake etc.) is mostly conservative, hopefully they will vote that way. And let’s also hope the damned libertarians don’t muddle things up either. I also have a small stake in this election (I live next door in Washingtons 5th congressional district) because Clint Didier’s campaign manager is a long time personal friend of mine. Go Clint Go!

  5. I think all the media hype is to scare the shit out of the union tards so they’ll continue to fill out fraudulent ballots to have stuffed in the right districts by Tuesday afternoon.

  6. This is my district. I voted for Clint Didier, a Tea Party candidate. Newhouse is just another gun-grabbing RINO. It is a very conservative district. I plan to be at Didier’s victory party on Tuesday night in Pasco.

  7. I’m wondering what the Seattle/King County selections are? This is on the ballot in Oregon this year. I’m not voting for it, for this very reason. Here, it almost certainly would limit the vote to Leftists much of the time. Recently moved back from Washington and did not like it in WA. Your ballot lists: John Doe, Prefers Democrat, etc…
    Just seemed silly and like I was wading through a bunch of crap. I like to know affiliation, straight up.

  8. I just hope Didier is truly a conservative. He was the spoiler who assured we didn’t win a GOP senate seat last time. I voted for him, but will be watching.

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