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The Left and the 16 Year-Old Voting Age

Candace Owens has an interesting take on why the left wants to lower the voting age to 16. It starts at about .33 into the video.

She speaks of her opinion that the left is going to be seriously pushing for this to happen. The reason? She feels that we are seeing the end of the Democrat Party with the Walk Away, Blexit, and the related movements of the Latino, Jewish and Catholic groups starting their own ‘Leave’ campaigns. Then we have the naked talk of finishing Obama’s transformation of America into a socialist country. . . or worse yet; an Islamic nation.  The ‘election’ of AOC, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib have lit a fuse that are causing many Democrats to finally see where their party has actually left them.

What does the Democrat Party bring to the American people other than their platform of hate and resistance? Massive voter fraud just might not be enough.

So, who do they turn to for votes? “They are going to start preying on the young”.

Watch Ms. Owens’ video on Twitter here.

Or click on the image below to go to the website: (when you get to the site, push the play button at the top center to start the video)

35 Comments on The Left and the 16 Year-Old Voting Age

  1. It actually kinda makes sense, since the majority of the Democrap party never matured beyond the age of 16 anyway.

  2. Progressive, Socialist, Democrats, behave like 16 year olds which is proof positive that 16 year olds are NOT qualified to vote.

  3. The democrat party is no longer in the same Galaxy as the American Worker
    They want 16 year old’s to vote for the same reason that 16 year old’s are excluded from participating in a legal contract: They are immature and unable to make rational decisions based on critical thinking, and make their decisions based on emotions and instant gratification.

  4. Lazlo The Elder is on to the democrats needing votes. They could care less about a 16s rights. They are just hoping for poor thinking to help them win elections.

  5. Good grief. I wasn’t even informed enough at 18, much less 16. They must rely on the uninformed.

  6. Here here.Now is the time for all sixteen year olds to come to the aid of their country. Get rid of the bottled water, remove the ear rings and studs from your lips, noses, and ears. Get a fucking haircut. Cure yourselves of aids and other STDs and be wellcommed to vote. But perhaps you should try one of the services first.
    Like a 3/4 year stint in the services? Army. Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, Merchant Marines. Even the Navy. The Navy will take anyone, that’s what I hear, long as you can eat and not get sea sick. Then once you go through that rig ma role, you should be allowed to smoke, drink a beer, buy a gun, and vote
    But I still think that Pelosi and her ilk are fucking morons. But that’s just me..

    Pelosi is a fucking moron and she’s not alone in our government.

  7. Add to this, they’re under state control for the most part, for 9 – 10 months of the year. Plenty of time for the teacher’s unions to explain who to vote for… “Nice college ready GPA you got there kid… Be a shame if something happened to it…”

  8. The Democrats pushed for the 26th amendment in 1971, ratified in 100 days during the height of Vietnam war protests. I would agree that 18 year olds who were at war or were threatened with conscription should have a say in the political process. Overall, 18 year olds are too stupid to vote. It was a democrat trick that has resulted in bad outcomes.

    But I distract myself from my main point that changing the voting age, which requires another constitutional amendment, the threshold of which being so high that it won’t happen, so this is just more democrat twaddle. More clucking of chickens.

  9. If you can vote at 16, then, using that logic, you should also be able to buy alcohol, cigarettes, guns and have sex. This should make schools much safer. What a jerk she is!

  10. Cool! Drinking & GUN OWNERSHIP at 16, too!

    How ’bout it, leftards? 😳

  11. Yes Alexendria Crazio Cortez is only 29 and still stupid.. I wonder how many tines she actually voted in her life. You think any journalist in New your would check that out? Did she ever even vote before being elected to congress. Just askin.’ Being a barmaid I doubt she ever gave a fuck about voting until approached by the Justice Democrat crew. Again, just askin’.

    Man,if I had the time and money I would really investigate this broad. Where did she ever vote? Bronx or Queens?

  12. This is just step one. The real goal is to lower the age of consent. To 12. President Joe Biden will be their spokesman.

  13. In virginezuela, the democrats just raised the age of tobacco purchase to 21.

    What is the age of adulthood with you people? 16 to vote. 18 to serve in the military. 21 to buy alcohol and tobacco. 26 to no longer be on your parents healthcare plan.

    And then there is lifehood itself. 4th trimester abortion.

    Your brains are dysfunctional and your thought processes cannot be diagrammed into a coherent logic module.
    Don’t get me started about when your dented can offspring get to spin the PICK A GENDER FOR ME MOMMY roulette wheel.

    Democrats are deeply disturbed people.

  14. PHenry, excellent comment! It’s like the left has a wheel they spin for answers; makes no rhyme or reason. But they will defend their “position” to the death … of any conservative that questions them!

  15. “They are going to start preying on the young”


    Come on kids, join the pizza party.

  16. @claudia.

    No kidding. Being a democrat isn’t just a choice of political philosophy any longer. It’s a pathology. A mental lllness trying to become national policy. These people are mental defectives trying to inflict their psychotic dysfunction on us normal people.

    I’ll suffer none of it.

    None of it.

    As has been said, do today’s democrats have more in common with JFK or Lee Harvey Oswald?

  17. What, are they gonna promise them Tide Pods if they show up to vote?

    Beto’s excuse for writing about running over children with a car, I was a dumb 16 year old who didn’t know any better.

    But let’s let them vote.

  18. Yeah, you’ve heard me on this before, but here goes…

    Voting in fed elections should have the same age requirements as the offices being filled. Voters should be:
    — 25 years old to vote for House of Representatives
    — 30 years old to vote for Senate
    — 35 years old to vote for President

    Voters are delegating their authority to the election winners. If those winners have to demonstrate their suitability by means of the age proxy, so should those who have the responsibility of electing them.

  19. Just pick an arbitrary age for adulthood and stick with it. Now, Beltway Sniper Lee Boyd Malvo, who laughed and snickered while picking off innocent people at gas pumps says he WASN’T an adult when he killed and maimed ordinary folks and kids….at age 17 and shouldnt get life in prison. It’s before the Supremes now.

    I would argue that at age 64 I still laugh at fart jokes and thus have not yet entered adulthood.

  20. Gee Uncle Al, if I add up those numbers, I get my age.
    Well, not quite.

    I would add that you have to be a tax paying property owner too. No more votin for “free stuff’ if you ain’t puttin money into the pot.

  21. The only reason the dems want kidz to vote is so they can lower the age of consent and shag as many teenz as they can.

  22. The strategy to force the issue of 16 year olds voting, leftist activists are “persuading” 16 year olds to fill out registration forms during a Voter Registration Drive at school. The forms are sent to State Board of Elections where the forms are possessed. Although, they are too young to be registered, 16 year olds stay on the voting roll as pre-registered. As soon as these kids turn 18 they get a voter registration card.

    The left is literally counting on years of brainwashing of these kids to pan out so by the time they are 18, it’s guaranteed they vote Democrat. The left is truly relentless in an attempt to be in control.

  23. @Dan Ryan Galt:

    I would add that you have to be a tax paying property owner too. No more votin for “free stuff’ if you ain’t puttin money into the pot.

    We’re in vehement agreement! I’d add that no one who gets money from the govt should have the vote. That includes not only any form of welfare or other “safety net” handouts, but also all govt employees of any kind with the exception of active military.

  24. Lazlo should be made Youth Czar.
    The millennials will love that title, and accept me in fervent ardor.
    Give me authority over all 16 and up youth (yoots) that are not: A, In school, B, working full time, and C, both.
    You fuckers are mine.
    Lazlo was in the California Conservation Corps. Their motto was: Hard Work, Low Pay, Miserable Conditions. I found only relish and content.
    I will take you and from Shit I will extract Shinola.
    Hard ass work is the tonic America’s youth needs.
    I shall supervise

  25. At 16 a person is far too naive to vote. At 78 a democrat is far too senile to vote.

  26. ‘At 78 a democrat is far too senile to vote.’
    At any age a democrat is far too stupid to vote,,,

  27. Yo Blushes – There’s a lot of democRATs who died in their 50s who are still voting at 78!
    Hell, my old man voted a straight Republican ticket all his life. Then after he died he somehow started voting democRAT!

  28. Voting requirements should include:
    Minimum age of 21, unless serving on active duty in the US military, then can vote at 18.
    Must be paying Federal taxes.
    Must have passed a civics course that includes US History (similar to the exams legal immigrants take when they become naturalized).

  29. And if anyone says it’s unconstitutional to require anyone to pass an exam to exercise a Constitutional right, then tell me why I need to pass a firearms training class and acquire a government permit in order to exercise my 2nd Amendment right?

  30. 16, not enough life experience, too old, hormons are slowing down,they forget how it was when they were 16 and had high flying ideas for life.
    Stay in the middle of life.

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