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Voting Machine’s Own FROG Destroys Their Claim

Tore Says:

Make no mistake – this “proprietary” software has been used in all US and Global elections since 2000 with the “flavor of the month” Election Machine company.


They claim their software is proprietary because it’s about encryption – when in fact there is a FROG baked into it. Your ballot goes in as plaintext, a secret key encrypts it and then the same key decrypts it and then it comes out as plaintext again, so they say. FROG Ciphers use SECRET KEYS that are programs allowing to implement scripts and algorithms. Hence the percentage of votes and the change in tallies.

Incredibly, the creator of this block cipher attracted the Central Intelligence Agency back in 1998 because it was created to be able to DEFEND “itself” from unknown and unpredictable cyberattacks but also was a fail safe in case AI was ever to get out of hand. In essence, it’s the key to Quantum computing. The block cipher has come a long way from the original pitch below. How do I know? I was there in 1999 when the creators pitched it to former top brass namely, John Brennan, James Clapper, General Hayden, General Jones, John McCain and up and coming tech giants who use FROGS but unknowingly have the original FROG machine instructions baked into them.


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  1. Hey…wait a minute…you don’t suppose this is why Maricopa county refuses to turn over their vote counting machines as required by the state subpoena, do you? Nah, that couldn’t happen. Could it?

  2. Brad: Joe Arpiao would have arrested the whole bunch, seized the voting machines, and delivered them to the State Senate. I miss him.

  3. It would surely satisfy a portion of my outrage to see those bastards living in tents in the desert, wearing pink.

  4. Frequency-resolved optical gating (FROG) according to Wikipedia. It’s not considered particularly strong or fast, but if it can function as operational code as well as encryption, I think I can understand why those wanting to cheat in elections would want to use this encryption method.


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