W.H. Proposes Merging Education and Labor Departments

It was announced at today’s cabinet meeting that the nation needs our government to combine the Education and Labor Departments.
Education is the smallest cabinet level agency with fewer than 4,000 employees and around a $70 billion budget.  Labor employs over 17,000 with a budget of $12 billion. Combined, the two agencies would become The Department of Education and the Workforce.

While the White House may propose, Congress has to approve. Here 

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  1. Weird. I think Trump is headed somewhere else with this. Probably just some strategic “Stray Voltage”. Or what we call “Trump’s Laser Pointer”.

    I like how he calls it “Workforce” instead of “Labor”, which has always been associated with the Left. “Workforce” verges on being racist to the leftist ear. Trump is definitely trolling.

  2. Transition the department into a clearinghouse that states can use to compare/contrast their own education departments performance against other states and to find good ideas. Use it to coordinate meetings between state education groups. Take half the current budget and return it to the states while taking 5 billion to run the new group and return the remaining thirty to the taxpayer (although we all know no politician is likely to return money). Then sit back and enjoy the screams and tears from the teachers unions across the country that realize they’re going to have to work for their pay. That was a little unfair, there are lots of dedicated, hard-working teachers out there that tend to get lumped in with the dregs running out the clock at the expense of the youth of America (same thing up here in the Great White North).

  3. Since the Department of Labor knows absolutely nothing other than union organizing and Department of Education knows nothing about educating, eliminating both would be ideal.

    Same goes with the Department of Energy.

  4. They showed the meeting today on Fox News.
    It was brilliant!
    The OMB chairman Mick Mulvaney made some excellent points.

    Talked about if you make a cheese pizza it is under one bureaucratic agency, add pepperoni and HOLD UP, another bureaucratic agency takes control.

    He said that government is still run on 19th century rules.

    Seriously, that newscast should be watched by all Americans.

  5. So, we pay local property taxes, 75% go to the schools, that is collected locally, sent to DC/Albany and then sent BACK to the local district.

    How much is stolen along the way on I-95 or I-87? Or I-90?

    Get rid of DOE let the States, if anything, deal with it.

    @ DrT – LOVE the pic of Spanky throwing the bonds, not money btw, out the window.

    Those WWI bonds were worth MORE than money at the time.


  6. Thirdtwin, I was wondering that, too. Did President Trump slip that into the narrative to give the left something else to attack?

    Remember back when Obama was playing president and we kept getting hit with one thing after another. Fur wrote something about it, I think he described it like standing under a windmill repeatedly getting hit blade after blade. We hardly had a chance to breathe when the next thing happened.

    hehe, Mr. President, keep giving it to them! Keep them unbalanced. Play by THEIR rules!

    Maybe there IS something to this 3-D chess…

  7. Put Mike Rowe in charge. Give it the mandate to focus on producing mechanics, machinist, plumbers, electricians and other productive skills rather than philosophy majors and gender studies grads.

  8. Education is the job of the states, if that. I can see Fed managing data to assist the states, but that doesn’t have to be a separate department and can probably be done for a few billion a year. Or the states can create their own consortium, taking power away from the swamp.

  9. I could use some help here. I’ve gone through the Constitution forward and backward and every which way and I simply cannot find anything that authorizes the feddle gummint to have anything to do with education or labor or workforce. Anybody have a pointer to the right places?

  10. Department of Education and the Workforce.

    Dew Drops on Roses
    Whiskers on Kittens

    A few of my favorite things.

  11. @Uncle Al
    I found it! It’s called the 10th Amendment:
    “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”
    Oh. Never mind…


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