WA Attorney General Ferguson Announces Sweeping Gun Control Agenda

Washington – -(AmmoLand.com)- Flanked by representatives from several Seattle-based gun prohibition lobbying groups along with representatives from the office of Gov. Jay Inslee, Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson announced sweeping gun control proposals Thursday that include magazine capacity limits, a ban on the sale of so-called “assault weapons,” background check requirements for ammunition sales and more.

Ferguson, a Democrat, is famous for having sued the Trump administration nearly 50 times since President Donald Trump took office in 2017.

Also appearing with Ferguson, according to his office, were Democrat state Sens. David Frockt and Patty Kuderer, and state Reps. Strom Peterson and Javier Valdez. They joined representatives from the Alliance for Gun Responsibility, Grandmothers Against Gun Violence and Washington Ceasefire.

Ferguson is portraying his legislative wish list as a strategy to “combat mass shootings in Washington State.” In 2014, the Alliance for Gun Responsibility bankrolled Initiative 594, requiring background checks for all firearms transfers, with a few narrow exceptions. Less than two years later, in 2016, a 19-year-old killer passed a background check when he purchased a semi-auto rifle and subsequently opened fire at a teen party in Mukilteo, killing three former classmates and wounding a fourth. Three months later, another 19-year-old took a semi-auto rimfire rifle from his stepfather without permission and opened fire at the Cascade Mall in Burlington, killing five shoppers. He bypassed a background check by taking the gun from home. read more

20 Comments on WA Attorney General Ferguson Announces Sweeping Gun Control Agenda

  1. Yes, by all means pass more gun control laws. While you’re at it, cut off your weiners because your neighbor has too many children. That should work too.

  2. So one shooter actually passed a background check, and another stole a rifle from his stepfather (that’s what taking something without permission means). So tell me how these new regulations were going to prevent these types of incidents?

  3. Any LEO (law enforcement officer) attempting to enforce ‘gun control laws’ is fair game for deadly force response. By doing so they are in direct violation of their oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States.

    After speaking with several current LEO’s, they agree. They are fully supportive of local 2nd amendment sanctuary laws that back them up when they refuse to enforce tyranny on the people.

    Stand and fight!

  4. To follow this lack of logic, if the kid had stole a butcher knife would the Washington State ban knives over a certain length? Of course not.

    Meanwhile Ensign Watson and two others were killed in Pensacola by a foreign national from Saudi Arabia because, according to the FBI, there’s a loophole in the licensing process that allowed this terrorist to legally buy a handgun. A LOOPHOLE??? So much for the morons in the government capable of doing anything right.

  5. Washington State copies California tyrants. Virginia threatens to use Nat’l Guard to take guns. Had enough patriots? Where are the protests? Why isn’t the NRA calling for and sponsoring marches?

  6. more recently we have seen more calls for outright gun confiscation.

    I do believe the left has stepped up it’s timeline for taking our freedom for some reason.

    the left knows they cannot let the civil war now being fought, to go hot with guns in our hands.

    heck we deplorables couldn’t even vote correctly in the last presidential election.

  7. Virginia is currently showing the rest of us how to defeat this shit. Virginia’s counties are about 95% Gun Sanctuaries now. However that doesn’t mean there won’t be blood shed. Someone with lots of money is itching for a show down.

  8. I’d be willing to bet that my county, Spokane county and all of Eastern Washington would be gun sanctuaries. Our Sheriff has already said he won’t enforce this illegal unconstitutional gun grabbing by the State of Washington. I’m not a big fan of our local Sheriff Ozzie Knesovich but on this issue I agree with him 100%.

  9. When in control of D.C., measures will be taken to take all guns and everyone will comply…this is a sure thing, the methods are known, no one will be hurt and gun owners will be begging the government to take their guns. The Left is without mercy and once the guns are taken, the mass ratcheting you down with taxes, regulations, media shaming climate change restrictions will begin in earnest…

  10. @Joe Squid: “Man, I HATE living in the one-party dictatorship that Washington State has become!!!! It’s downright terrifying what Inslee and his goons are doing here!”

    So Joe, you have three choices: 1) Stand and Fight 2) Move 3) Surrender

    All over the Country Counties and Cities are passing 2nd Amendment sanctuary ordinances. (Resolutions carry no weight) This is the first step in fighting back, because it gives your Sheriff/LEO legal backup to follow their oath of office. It also gives YOU backup because resistance to tyranny is part of our COTUS.

    Marches/demonstrations are great, but all they do is identify leaders to the enemy. Unless you are willing to backup your march with action you’re better off keeping your powder dry.

    The second step in fighting back is being prepared. Train and carry at all times. Be physically and mentally as prepared as you can be. Have plans and backup plans. Know what you will do under predictable circumstances and follow through.

    If you aren’t willing to do that, move someplace where others will do your fighting for you (you can support them financially), or surrender and stop complaining about being a slave.

  11. I ask again, why are the zampolits promulgating these abominable diktats still sucking air after the words exit their mouths?

  12. I just saw on my local newsite KXLY.com that there is a petition going around by someone from Kennewick to impeach both Inslee and Ferguson for their unconstitutional stand on gun control in the State of Washington. I would sign it in a heartbeat, both of these jerks need to go away permanently. The petition is called change.org petition and already has garnered more than 6,000 signatures since today.


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