Waffle House of the Lord

Young Cons-

Religious liberty will be forever lost in America if the Left has their way. What they want is to create a completely secular society where mentioning the Lord’s name will be subject to criticism and punishment by big government.

Those of us with deeply-held religious beliefs must fight back against this ever-progressive world, because in our hearts we understand that without Him, there is no us.

Check out what happened at a Waffle House in Florida that is sure to send liberals into an uproar…

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  1. “… if they were really about to PRAY and not care who they offended”

    That is the way to do it

  2. One of my favorite Samuel Adams quotes.

    It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds.

  3. I’ve seen SWAT teams do the same just before a raid, on the Justice Channel.

    To prohibit the free exercise thereof would be a criminal act. Don’t ever give in to tyrants.

  4. I will never ever be ashamed to share the gospel. Ever.

    A very wise man once past along a piece of advice that was ingrained in my then 18 year old rebellious brain–He said ” the way you live your life may be the only example of the Bible some people see”. I try to live up to that.

    Thanks for the tip, Ronald Reagan.

  5. “The god who gave us life gave us liberty at the same time: the hand of force may destroy, but cannot disjoin them.” ~ Thomas Jefferson (Jefferson is often posed by the left to be an atheist or agnostic. Nothing could be more distant from the truth.)

    The entire premise (not to be repetitive) of the 1st amendment is NOT freedom “FROM” religion, but freedom “OF” religion, thus not having a, “Church of England [U.S.],” and a mandated religion of the state.

    May God help our nation.

  6. And what would that ignorant little twit have to say about muzzies blocking entire streets and doing their impression of stinkbugs-on-rugs praying to allah? They especially do not care what anyone thinks and they are not quiet about it, either.

  7. Unruly, If you watched some of the SWAT teams shoot that I’ve seen, you’d know why they were praying. LOL

  8. @ Big Gun- Jefferson and peers were deists; that creation and man started with the Creator but then became less influential in the affairs of men.
    I’d say that’s 1 step above atheism.

    It’s as if believers and non believers though living concurrently next to each other in the same spacetime are living in 2 separate universe. An oxymoron, indeed.

    Believers know this isn’t home, we’re just-a passing through!

  9. And neither is Andy Rooney.

    (I’m not sure what those two observations have to do with anything,
    but we successfully interjected them…)


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