Wait For the #BLM Blowback

Outdoor John alerted us to a noteworthy comment. He was right-

December 1, 2015 at 6:45 pm

These #BLM morons are so mindnumbingly stupid that they don’t realize that by leaving so little room for white people to merely exist without being vilified and targeted by white-hating #BLM f#cktards that they’re actually going to jumpstart a sense of white identity that hasn’t been seen in the US in large measure in over 50 years. It’s never good for blacks when that happens, but they seem to insist on it anyway.

It is now actually becoming important for white people to understand that there are tens of millions of non-whites in this country that want all whites dead and/or second class citizens, and that the only way to prevent that kind of belligerent minority rule is to start consciously identifying by race and actively opposing white-haters by any means necessary to maintain our civil rights in a country where we are the majority ethnic group by a wide margin.


Spot on.

The left subsists on identity politics. Every once in awhile they need to stoke the divide in order to keep the Racial Industrial Complex well-funded.

What they’ve done this time, with this administration, might be good enough to last decades, and the backlash – the risk of a rise in an actual white power movement that has been largely dead in America – is just the price minorities have to pay to keep their leftist, elite overlords in business. A KKK is a B12 shot to a dying left. It’s why you see so many “hate crime” hoaxes authored by the left. Just Today.

The last thing a leftist wants is peace and harmony amongst the the pawns in their Racial Industrial Complex. A well-fed, happy, working, prosperous, harmonious, settled America is what conservatives want for all willing participants. That’d be absolute kryptonite for a leftist. They need disgruntled unwilling participants, convinced that the playing field, a field open to everyone, is rigged against them. Then they can paint themselves as the saviors of the disgruntled while they, all along, have been the invisible hand keeping them down.

It’s extremely evil.

Will blacks ever wake up?



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  1. Will blacks ever wake up?

    The blacks aren’t the problem – it’s the niggers that are the problem and they come in all colors and flavors; even white. Sometimes, especially white.

  2. The anti-white movement is at least partially a result of stark black community disappointment in 0bama. They thought they had it made and when he didn’t deliver they lash out at whoever they can, and the crackas must be holding back their meal ticket.

    When discussing this new-found black hatred of whites, or any non-black ethnicity, it really chaps my ass.

    I find it stunningly stupid for these blacks to dare resent the whites. Who do they think is providing this nice country to live in? Who has been running the place for the last few centuries?


    The proof is right in front of them. They ought to be thankful for whitey. Look at DEEtroit. Look at Memphis. Look at Cleveland. All are burned out shit holes and all have turned that way since being run by blacks.

    Well, they should just go back to Africa. Crackas STOLE them from Africa and made them pick cotton! (Crackas didn’t steal them I know, and I know that none of the whites today are slave owners)

    Look at Africa. Africa is a huge and barren aids riddled war torn hell hole, starving blacks laying around with nothing to do but start civil wars and screw each other. How is that any different than Detroit? Gang wars and rampant screwing. You’re either banging with the gang or banging with the ho’s.

    If they hate whitey so much I say give them an entire state. Give them their own land mass with the percentage of area equal to their percentage population in the nation. Have Trump build an impregnable wall around it and no Nigga get out and no Cracka get in. They be on dey own, no Cracka holdin them back!

  3. If these assholes had stuck with the general assault, looting and mayhem known as Black Spring Break they might have gotten away with it for years to come. But now they have explicitly put a target on my white back and are in the process of turning college into middle school, and I am not qoing to pay into that narrative.

    The big shock is going to come next Fall, when white enrollment in the national university system takes a nosedive, and the vacuum is filled by black students who are even more ignorant and self-entitled than the current crop of layabout malcontents. The only good thing is that Barky doesn’t have eight years to create Obamacollege.

  4. And he would create Obamacollege if he had the time, because he wants all black students to enjoy the same higher education experience he had: free ride, coddling, degrees with no effort and hidden grades after graduation. And yes, he would push to keep grades secret from potential employers. If he’ll “ban the box” for felons, he’d damn sure do it for black students.

  5. African slaves were repatriated to their own country, carved out of the Acrican continent by white libtards. Within two generations it descended into anarchy and cannibalism.

    Liberia is Detroit without whitey’s credit card.

    Yet it remains the best solution, the only workable solution to America’s nigger problem.

    It’s time, again.

  6. Who can look at a black person, knowing that there is a 97% probability that they voted for this POS just because he was black, and not be disappointed?

    Now bring on the black mobs and make me racist? I don’t think so.

  7. The “blank slate” is a lie.

    I also take serious issue with the statement that “white identity that hasn’t been seen in the US in large measure in over 50 years. It’s never good for blacks when that happens”.
    That is another lie. A huge lie.
    The BIG lie of Joseph Goebbels proportions.

    Is the black community better off today than when they were in 1959? They have more stuff, but that is it.

    If they want even “more stuff” we should offer very large lump sum payouts ($250,000 each per man woman and child) for their voluntary repatriation to western sub-Saharan Africa in exchange for their permanent revocation of their U.S. citizenship status and rights.

    Ultimately that is their best-case future. All other alternatives are worse, for them and for everyone else.

  8. I have a better idea.

    1. Cut them off. No foodstamps, no welfare, NOTHING.

    2. Let them riot and destroy the big cities.

    3. When they run out of things to steal and start moving out toward the suburbs, SHOOT THEM.

    4. If any are left and try to loot the rural areas….Well, that’s gonna be fun 😉

  9. I have been reading several black blogs. Many, many blacks have dreams of going to Africa to live. They never specify which country in Africa though. I would like to see the government buy blacks a one way ticket to the African country of their choice, with maybe two or three hundred cash, revoke their Visa after they leave so they can not come back to the U.S., and revoke their U.S. citizenship. A lot cheaper than Sec. 8, welfare, Affirmative Action, etc.

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