Wait, That’s Hillary??

That is not Hillary.

28 Comments on Wait, That’s Hillary??

  1. Bloomberg probably hired himself some body-double actress to run around w/ him & timed it right before he brought out the ‘Sludge Report’

    his memoirs will be titled ‘Fantasies of Hillary’

  2. Nope! Not her style either. She always wears clothes that make her look like a pig in a blanket. Even Stevie Wonder says shes unattractive.

  3. If it’s not wearing upholstery fabric, it’s not hillary. Seriously though, except for Halloween, why would anyone want to pretend to be hillary??

  4. If he were to choose her as running mate, he would be gone like Jeffrey Epstein.
    No one would be crazy enough to choose her as VP.

  5. Why’s her head on backward?
    I’m not expert on women’s clothes, but doesn’t the zipper go in back?
    Animatronics gone bad?

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. My first thought when I saw that pic was, “How many fetuses did she suck the stem cells out of to look like that?”


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