Waiting For God

British comedy series which takes place at a retirement home.

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  1. I must admit that Black Adder and Red Dwarf are my favorite British comedies.

    But waiting for God is running a close third. I love the lady lead who doesn’t take any BS from anyone and lives her life instead of giving up and dying. The absent minded professor type that is her life/love interest is the perfect foil of trusting friend vs her sarcastic pessimistic outlook.

    While the British definitely do not understand how to have a free society and are currently finding out just how quickly they can commit social/cultural suicide, they are very good at writing and producing very good comedy. As opposed to the slime that Hollywood calls sitcoms.

    MSG Grumpy

  2. I watched a few episodes yesterday of a new British show called Fearless, which came out last year. A drama, the main character is a lawyer and she is under constant surveillance by the government. There is the intelligence room where they have access to cameras everywhere, listen in on every phone call, etc. Very Big Brother-ish. And scary – the moment she takes up the case of the wrongly convicted murderer she starts getting bullied by the cops, by the victim’s family with the cops’ consent, and then ultimately by MI5/MI6 for reasons soon to be discovered…

  3. Oh, and one other thing. In the 3rd episode the main character is trying to adopt. She is late 40’s, and explains to her friend that she could not carry a child. In a conversation with her mother it is revealed that she in fact was pregnant at 19, but that her mom forced her to have an abortion, which messed her up so she could never conceive again.

  4. One thing the Brits understand is that any good show has a shelf life. With a notable exception (Dr. Who), a show will only last 2 to 5 yrs and then end.

  5. Very few comedies actually are laugh out loud funny. Waiting for God is just too grumpy. Best Brit sitcom; Not Going Out

  6. The lead character is a Godless, grumpy, progressive, elite crone. Her partner in crime is a slightly demented liberal kook. Depite that, the show works and is really funny. I’ve watched it for years. It’s good because the Brits have talented, well trained actors and their sitcom writers and producers are superb.
    “Are You Being Served” is hilarious. It’s a favorite.

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