Waiting Patiently On Quebec Mosque Shooting

Don’t want to be like the Daily Beast and be a victim of #FakeNews which reported that it was the creator of Pepe, and another “white supremacist” that was responsible for the shooting.

Still waiting on this “confirmed” report. (I doubt it.) 

The Daily Mail is reporting that one of the shooters is of “Moroccan origin.”

It is amusing to see the left say in social media comments that, “the right is so stupid, the Muslims are the VICTIMS in this shooting.”

Are they not aware that Muslims are killing Muslims in the civil wars? Is Justin welcoming refugees from Syria with open arms because it’s Trump supporters shooting Muslims in Aleppo?

I think they think that.


10 Comments on Waiting Patiently On Quebec Mosque Shooting

  1. Hmmmm, can we retweet this in the Twitter feeds of the MSM? That would be great as we can help the MSM do their job . That and show another example of Media Bias.

  2. Whiskey Tremor Failure has already piped up with “This is not who we are®” but apparently, the shooters are not who they were, either.

  3. It’s completely unacceptable to be caught with another man’s goat. These people should understand this by now.

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