Wakey Wakey and #Walkawayee

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  1. She likely voted for him and now is unhappy? Yeah that stupid trend was as dumb as your tattoo fixation.

  2. Is she so busy that the only time she has for making a two minute video is when she is driving? The Guv will probably have CHP send her a distracted driving ticket.

  3. Lady, you are part of the electorate that voted the regime into power, and now they have had the time to entrench themselves and lock themselves in. You won’t be able to vote them out now. It’s too late for that. To fix the problem, you’ll need to take some other kind of action.

    So. What are ya gonna do?

  4. This isn’t new just spreading. When I lived in SF when Newsom was mayor we had human feces on our doorstep every morning in the SOMA district. A few people sending him some angry videos is not going to change decades of paving the way to turning CA into a total s-hole. Start voting in some other people and maybe they will at least act like it is an issue to address.

  5. “What are you going to do for ‘us’?” Well, there’s your problem. A great statesman once said “Ask not what your country can do for you” but rather “Ask what you can do for your country”. As you live in CA the “what are you going to do for “us” crowd has hit critical mass and I’m not talking about small business owners. CA could lose all small business owners and it won’t change a thing. Between illegals voting & the Hollywood elite giving $ to the party Democrats don’t care about the middle class.

    All we ask is when you move remember this and change your voting pattern so you don’t turn your new home state into another shithole thank you very much.

  6. OT – but will someone PLEASE explain to this old man WHY a seemingly attractive, very young woman would so clutter her nice young skin with that “body art” crap?? I guess WE (not THEY!) need to redefine the terms “normal”, “perverse” and “insane/insanity”…

  7. Vietvet GETS it.
    You guys are TOO HARD on these Californian former-idiot folks who have LEARNED FROM ANY MISTAKES THEY MAY HAVE MADE.

    (I may have missed the part in the vid where she said she voted for him…for all we know, she may be one of those Closet Republicans)

    This vid is GOLD to persuade those lesser-informed/Leftists-open-to-persuasion (a rare breed these days, but CA is WEIRD)/in the middle people.

    NOT saying this will turn CA “red” in 2020, but it’s a BIG cut in the “Leftist Death By 1,000 cuts.” MORE! MORE!

  8. forcibly deranged, age 78 AUGUST 20, 2019 AT 5:28 PM

    Really it’s not off topic. That’s probably mainstream on the left coast.
    They’re called job breakers. You can then work in a hair salon or at a tattoo parlor. No place else…
    Some that can be covered up by the clothing you wear might pass, but she had a few that you couldn’t cover.

    I suppose if you have a close relative that owns a business they might jeopardize their livelihood by letting you work for them.

  9. @ Anymouse: Thanks! In fact, one of our sons here in flyover country MT does have a business and often is looking for a quality employee he can trust and allow the public to actually see. A few years ago he was approached by some mid-20s guy looking for work. The guy had a shaved head, as I remember from the description, tats all over his face, head, hands and arms, piercings and those Ubangi ear stretchers. He could not understand why our son would not hire him – even after our son took the time to explain it all to him. Craaaaaaaaaaaaaazy times!

  10. @forcibly deranged, age 78 – You’re right. I view those tattoos as human manifestations of the “broken window syndrome”. When people stop caring about their neighborhoods and THEMSELVES, this is what you get. A total breakdown of civilization. It’s starting to look like the year 400 A.D. redux.

  11. As someone said, scoop that shit up and deliver it. As a matter of fact, hire one of less wobbly vagrants to drive it to Newsom’s driveway and plant a flag in it.

  12. Anymouse…have you been to a restaurant or hospital lately? Tats everywhere. Yep, even on the person who touches your food and does your surgery. Hospital interns seem to think of it as a status symbol like a Porsche.


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