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Walmart Introducing “Pronoun Buttons” For Associates


Have you ever been in that situation where you really want to know what someone’s pronouns are, but you feel awkward about asking? Probably not. I mean, very few people outside the fashion and entertainment industries ever have, but that hasn’t stopped Walmart from solving the problem. The retailer has introduced buttons for workers that proudly display their pronouns.

The buttons, which are available for Walmart employees to purchase, are the wokest of flair for people who aren’t satisfied just doing the bare minimum. Four buttons have come out so far: one that says “He/Him/His,” one that says “She/Her/Hers,” one that says “They/Them/Theirs,” and one that says “Ask me my pronouns.” More

This is great. Now I’ll know how to address the Walmart employee when I ask about when they expect the next shipment of toilet paper. – Dr. Tar

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  1. How bout “Yo, Slaphead?”

    “A man’s entitled to his opinion; he’s not entitled to his own pronouns.”
    (not actually a quote; I made it up)

    Fuck Off, Eat Shit, and Die.

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. if you put on one, it means “i am a moron, thank you for not laughing”.
    to real management,first to go cause you will be a pain in our asses.

  3. when I ask about when they expect the next shipment

    You could also ask when he or she expects the next shipment.

  4. I’d buy the “Ask me my pronouns” and wear it proudly.
    At each and every inquiry, I will say, you may call me your majesty, as you bow before me.
    A girls got dreams, you know!

  5. I am not going to play along with their deviant games. I won’t shop any store or business that publicly tries to force that garbage on me. I’m saving so much money!

  6. When you can’t decide how to address someone because it is readily apparent, something is wrong with the culture.

    On many levels.

  7. …it’s irrelevant, because you’re never going to find a Wal-Mart employee in the customer area of the store to help you anyway…

  8. …although in truth, I’m so used to everything being so foreigner-saturated that I don’t expect to have a mutual language with anyone anyway, so I just point, gesture, and grunt 90% of the time.

    There are no pronouns involved when there’s no nouns or verbs, either…

  9. What they need is a huge 20′ x 20′ sign outside the store stating how many days it’s been since an associate tested positive for coronavirus.

    When it reads “14” I’ll consider coming back to shop there again.

  10. …although in fairness, everywhere I’ve worked for the last 41 years, regardless of my current industry or position, private enterprise or Goverment agency, I’ve always referred to myself in conversations with customers and managers as “We”.

    …it’s got nothing to do with multiple personalities, either.

    …it’s because the “We” I’m referencing is whatever entity I am currently representing.

    As in, “How may WE help you?”
    “What can WE do better?”
    “When can WE work on it?”
    “WE will get you cut out of your car as quickly as possible, but we can’t let you finish your beer while we’re doing it.”

    This is because I am not acting as myself under such circumstances, but as part of a GREATER whole, and I may not personally be your next contact; besides, I probably am NOT the person in my organization that caused the problem you’re complaining about, either, but WE (as in “I”) are going to have to DEAL with what THAT idiot did because HE is part of WE, too…

    It’s sort of a royal “We”, but I’m DARN sure not the King.

    …also, it’s because I’m CERTAINLY not going to take all the blame for THEIR stupid positions, practices, policies, protocols, poor work habits, incompetence, and crap decisions by saying “I”…

  11. I like it – if it’s done so that the lack of a button means ‘normal’. Then it becomes like a weirdo identification badge.

    When someone is being rude I remind myself : ” until the day we can get assholes to wear identifying badges, the next best thing is if they openly announce it ASAP”

  12. When I enter a restaurant or any other place to spend my money and I’m faced with people who look nasty or weird, I simply leave after telling the owner or manager why.

  13. “The buttons, which are available for WalMart employees to purchase…….”
    Ever WallyWorld, squeezing a nickel of profit. Capitalism at its finest. (I wonder how much they cost?)

  14. I”m going to go work for Wally World just so I can get a button that says, “Grand Pubah Lord Master” for my pronouns.

  15. They obviously have gay snowflakes rising through their ranks.

    If we dont take back our schools, we are doomed.

  16. I have no need of gender for myself at work. I am simply an agent of change. If you are encountering me at work something needs to be different than it is right now. I’m the one going to effect that. You may not like the change that I impose, but you have my word, my actions are sound and well thought out. And first and foremost, I have your safety as my first job.

    My pronouns, my gender, my sex have nothing to do with my responsibilities. I’m pretty sure they don’t matter in about 99% of other jobs.

    But here we are.


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