Walmart Limiting Customers In Stores

In an effort to improve social distancing measures amid the coronavirus pandemic, Walmart announced Friday more changes to its store’s policies.

Beginning Saturday, the company will limit the number of customers who can be in a store at once, Walmart Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Dacona Smith said in a blog post. More

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  1. That would make it very easy to monkey wrench Walmart.

    Get a group together and spend as much time as possible in the store before leaving, and spend as little as possible in the process so you’re a legitimate buyer (like, maybe, one candy bar or soda).

  2. the wife insisted on April 1 that we need to bolster food supplies. I thought she was throwing a joke at me, but she was serious and had an excellent argument. So April 2 i am at a grocery store when they open the doors. We were ‘ok’ before but we are now good for at least 4 months. No, I’m not hoarding.
    Yesterday April 3 I start hearing shit like this Wallyworld story.
    I had to thank my wife. The insanity deepens daily and we don’t have to go out in it for a long time.
    Any city folk coming down here to secure their foods for free will be greeted with hot lead.

  3. Hey America – Here’s a mouthfull of pure socialism!
    What’s it taste like? Pure CRAP!
    Spit it out – NOW!!!!!

  4. Also using floor markings.
    They can’t get the idiots to drive the correct way in the parking lot marked with arrows.
    Getting them to follow arrows inside the store should be a hoot!

  5. I live in a city outside of Toronto,Mississauga.
    Thought i would go to a local store this morning to pick up a few things that i felt like eating. had no problem getting what i wanted however you had to line up outside the store for about 5min.
    2 or 3 come out 2 or 3 go in.
    No big deal

  6. The police were set up at the entrance to the Walmart in Clarksville IN this morning. The entrance had barricades set up to herd people past the police tent. (Mr. Poppet was there getting tires and didn’t go in the store.)

    Best Buy and some others here have had employees at tables out front for a while now, keeping the number of customers inside low. I’d bet the People of Walmart who hoard stuff we all need just trampled the employees there.

  7. Gotta love country living, low density country living.. I had a dr. Appointment this morning and had a prescription filled at wally-world, no lines, no 1 for 1 bullshit.. Walked in, got my prescription, got some milk, oj, bread and a new fishing lure. A couple of people wearing masks, not much else going on..

    Ps, I got some sunflower, cucumber and tomato seeds..

  8. Well they have been doing that at home depot for a week now. At first, people would stand in line ‘normally’? Now, it’s ten feet in front and ten feet behind.

    Also, has anyone been to a Lowes lately?? Went there yesterday, Yonkers, and they had TWO portable security towers set up in the parking lot. They each had about four cameras mounted on each one. Expecting much??

    If I could attach a pic that I took, I would.

    What the hell is that about?? NEVER before.

  9. I hate walmart, but as I live in a small town where walmart is one of the largest employers and the largest store, I don’t have much choice in the matter. In fact, I may end up working there as I got laid off from my job at the Casino.

    FWIW, I have been a prepper for years. I find it typical that people will make fun of preppers until the shit starts, then all of a sudden they (we) are “hoarders” of stuff “we all need”. I would suggest that all of you unprepared idiots take a look at your fucked up lifestyles and start making plans for a hard future instead of trying to keep up with the Joneses by spending your money on useless shit like big screen tv’s and the latest model cars.

    I prep for a hard future by buying a little extra every time I hit the store. I’m not one of those fools who insist that “it’ll never happen here, this is ‘murica”. Well SUPRISE, it’s happened here, I got my shit together a long time ago. If you failed to provide for your family, that’s your tough shit. Think ahead next time, if you make it through this time. Bad shit happens to good people, and bad people get away with murder all the time (Hillary Clinton). Even in ‘murica.

  10. Went to Walmart on Thursday, and had to pass by employees standing next to the exit and entrance lanes telling everyone to stay 6 feet apart. You had to pass by them at a distance of 2-3 feet. Mixed message much?

  11. “Social distancing” at Walmart? Is that 6-feet measured cheek to jowl? Or roll to roll? (Cause I’ve heard of “big box” stores. But, sometimes, you just run outta “box”.)

  12. Made the rounds early yesterday and found most of what I was after, few other people in the stores, and no waiting in line.
    Except for perishables like milk, we’re all set into May.
    At least there’s no gas shortage….
    My kind of shopping!

  13. FWIW, JMV, I’m not talking about actual preppers. I was talking about the people who clear the shelves NOW, not people who have been carefully prepping for a long time.

    Are you one of those people that are now buying 20 packages of TP and entire cases of meat and leaving nothing for older, poorer, slower citizens who also have stomachs to fill and asses to wipe?

    No? Then relax, get off your high horse and shove that 50-gallon jug of smug into your saddle bag. No one here has mocked preppers in general, and certainly no one here is talking about you in particular.

    We’re more likely to make fun of preppers who assume that because we don’t like people who panic-buy vital supplies, we’re all “unprepared idiots” looking for leaves for the bathroom. JFC, dude.

  14. “I’d bet the People of Walmart who hoard stuff we all need just trampled the employees there.”

    Next time you may want to clarify your comments when you make them. Re-read your comment and you will see and possibly understand my response. No, I am not “smug”, I am sick and tired of the attitude of those who seem to think that they have a right to the possessions of others who think ahead. You want to make fun of sheeple, fine – just specify.

  15. Only use Wally-Worl for the Pharmacy. Usually grab a thing or two when picking up meds. Will not grace the premises until this mess blows over.

    I grew up on a large family farm along with 3 generations who’d endured WWI, The Great Depression, The Dust Bowl, WWII, and Korea. Frugality, making do, and planning ahead was just a way of life. In the early 60s, my sibs and I tagged along with Gramma to the city dump, where the local vegetable packing sheds dumped culls. Nothing wrong with them, we weren’t starving, she just could not imagine or allow that waste. The whole family canned, froze, and later dehydrated what we grew, raised, gathered, and hunted.

    It rubbed off on all us kids, and each of us have woven it, to some extent or other, into our lives. None of us consider ourselves Preppers, but, I’m not worried about running out of anything, but patience.


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