Walmart Loss Prevention Officer Discovers Culprit’s Unique Talent A Little Too Late


41-year-old Dominca Dearing of Beachwood, Ohio was arrested after shoplifting from Walmart two days in a row but the real story is her unique, profoundly messy reaction to said arrest.

Dearing was spotted shoplifting from Walmart on April 3rd but was able to make it out of the store without being caught. However, store security and police were given her photo, so when she came back the next day, greedy for more “free” stuff, authorities were ready. Dearing was apprehended by Walmart loss prevention officers and taken back into the office area. It was determined Dearing had stolen $238.79 worth of items.

 Then things got weird.   More

The Mountaineer

Dominca Dearing, 41, of Beachwood Ohio, pleaded guilty to two counts of violating the order, which states that anyone coming in from out of town must quarantine for 14 days. She also pleaded guilty to two counts of larceny. More

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  3. Which part of this story am I supposed to see as turning weird after the uncivilized creature was apprehended?

    The part where it reverted to monkey mind, and crapped all over the office, and the entry into the store.

    Or the part where it only “spent four days in the Haywood County Detention Center but otherwise was not sentenced to jail time, … and was given a 45 day suspended sentence and 12 months of unsupervised probation” ?

    Who recalls one of its relatives doing something similar at a Tim Hortons restaurant a couple of years ago in Canada. .

    I’ve only seen this kind of behavior first hand at the Monkey House at the Columbus Zoo.

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  5. After all that, “District Attorney Ashley Welch said that, because Dearing didn’t have much of a criminal record, they determined she wasn’t eligible for jail time..”

    And they wonder why this shit is becoming more and more commonplace. Throw the f***ing DA in jail.

  6. Walmart Maintenence or Housekeeping personnel should get time and a half for having to clean up that horrific mess. They’re going to need Hazmat suits, masks and several glove changes with industrial strength cleaning solutions. The area should be treated as a crime scene and health hazzard.

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    The only justice to this story is that anyone who googles her will know that she is the Walmart pooper. I guess that would be embarrassing. If she had any dignity or was capable of feeling shame.

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