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Walmart protests flop

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Workers scarce at Walmart protests.

WaExaminer: Walmart workers were scarce at the much-hyped Black Friday protests against the retailer’s wages and employment policies. Even protesters who didn’t work at the stores were hard to find.

An estimated 50 people showed up at a store in East Green Brush, N.Y., to protest the firing of Walmart employee Thomas Smith earlier this month. Thomas was allegedly let go for redeeming $2 worth of cans and bottles left behind in a shopping cart. Walmart said he was fired because Smith had failed to disclose his prior criminal history when he was hired, a claim Thomas disputed.

A group of about two dozen people delivered a petition to a Walmart store in downtown D.C. calling for higher wages, judging from photos of the event. According to a company spokesman, “one or two” store employees took part in the protest, although nobody at that location was involved. The event was over well before noon. more here

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  1. WalMart has done more for the poor and middle class than any politician. Government RAISES prices/costs (See Healthcare, “Higher Education”. WalMart lowers them. Do you sense a trend?

  2. Now why would a recent college graduate with a degree from one of the studies group protest the best job they are ever going to get? They may be dumb but they are not stupid!

  3. They complain about the profit, but the store would have empty shelves if no profit was allowed. See Venezuela for latest example.

    It’s this the left needs to understand. It’s profit all the way down the line of everyone involved in the commerce that they are missing the importance of.

    Everyone should profit!

    Profit, in and of itself, is not a bad thing. It’s how things work.

    It’s got to be worth getting up and working no matter where you are on the scale of pauper/richman. Otherwise, what’s the point?

    Can we get that programmed in a red pill? A pill full of awareness of the obvious.

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