Walmart Recalls 5 Spice Donkey Meat And Fox Has Something To Do With It


Western Walmart haters are trying to gin up  the Chinese people to hate Walmart as much as they do.

It seems that a test of some donkey meat revealed that it had some fox meat ground into it.


Social media in China LIT UP with comments such as these –

“Isn’t fox meat more expensive than donkey meat anyway?”

Reuters was forced to admit that consumers on the popular microblogging site Sina Weibo were at a loss whether to criticize Wal-Mart or support it.

I don’t think a country that brushes their teeth with lead is all that concerned that their Eeyore burger had traces of fox in it. If it can crawl, fly, walk, slither or swim, the Chinese eat it.

They’ll have to stick to trying to get the Chinese to hate Walmart because some Walmart employees have to work on  holidays and stock boys can’t raise a family on their paycheck.



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  1. This is a prime American export opportunity. We have so much pure Grade A donkey meat roaming the US. About 47% of the population at last count.

  2. Got a friend who is heavily invested into a geoduck operation in Washington state. The Chinese have now banned all imports of geoducks from the U.S. claiming high levels of arsenic and other compounds are present. Brush their teeth with lead? You bet. They are up to something – what I don’t know. But they are evidently trying to put the hurt on us for some reason. The geoduck operation is virtually out of business now. Lots of people out of work, and investors are SOL.–237409471.html

  3. A fully extended neck on a geoduck makes a donkey look like a Vienna sausage. Hell, you could feed 4-5 Chinese families with one of those things.

    You may be asking yourselves, “How does he know that?”

    Thank God, I’m a country boy… me some steamed geoduck, and baked donkey dick (ring baloney) w/sauerkraut.

  4. As my friend Victor Le in Hong Kong told me; Chinese people will eat anything with legs except maybe the table and chairs.

  5. “You’ve got fox meat in my donkey meat!”

    “No, you’ve got donkey meat in my fox meat!”

    And a new taste sensation was born.

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