Walmart replaces all cashiers with self-checkout in one store — and they may roll it out all over the country – IOTW Report

Walmart replaces all cashiers with self-checkout in one store — and they may roll it out all over the country

How will this affect the minimum wage debate?

Blaze: Superstore giant Walmart is testing out a new policy replacing all cashiers at one of their stores with self-checkout kiosks, and they’re considering doing it all over the country.

The pilot program is being implemented at their store in Fayetteville, Arkansas, but if it is successful it could be heading to stores all across the country.

Customers that need assistance will still be able to get help from employees, said a spokesperson for Walmart.

The goal of the program is to increase safety in the wake of the coronavirus epidemic by limiting human interaction. An added benefit is an increase in speed of checking out purchases.

Feedback from customers and employees will be used to gauge the successfulness of the program. MORE

30 Comments on Walmart replaces all cashiers with self-checkout in one store — and they may roll it out all over the country

  1. I say give the self checkout line a 5% discount
    All you need is stockers and return counter people and a nut job or two for electronics and Fishing Licenses

  2. “The goal of the program is to increase safety” and save the company a ton of money. The self checkout stands won’t demand a $15.00 minimum wage.

    I personally like the choice, myself. If I have a ton of items I prefer a clerk to do it. A normal checkout stand is better suited to a large load than a self-checkout stand.

  3. Who the hell pays for anything at Wally-world anymore? I thought everyone was doing the self check out thing for big screens and weeves.

  4. The ideal thing, for both lower personnel costs and loss prevention, would be to have each person register to enter by presenting an ID and credit card with all purchases automatically charged when they leave the store as the product rfid identifiers are read by a scanner as you exit

    Eventually the id and charge card would be replaced by personal electronic identifiers, maybe quantum dot records that will be unique and individual and given as part of your forced Covid vaccines which will contain it (part of the vaccination records because a chip alone would meet too much resistance).

    Things will be so much simpler and easier then, you just walk in and take what you want and leave. Might put an end to looting as well since they would all be part of the process the same as regular shoppers and actually be purchasing their goods.

  5. There’s only 3 cashier checkouts at the Super WalMart in town, and the rest is self checkout. The checkout cashiers will lose their jobs in order to pay for all the black hair products that go out the door for free. When will they demand that the liquor cabinet be unlocked?

  6. “I’ll be not shopping there if they do this in MY town.”

    As the quarantine/lockdown puts the smaller businesses out of business you may not end up with much choice in the matter. All the larger businesses will be going the same direction once it has proven itself.

    Time will tell, and it probably won’t take long.

  7. Walmart sucks more each day. I was in there yesterday to recharge my Verizon flip phone service. The young “African-American” Walmart employee could not have been more rude. It’s getting worse as the current events unfold. The older AA women in the deli department are always nice, but the young ones look at you like they want to slit your throat. Her contempt for me oozed out of her. She did everything except call me a privileged, white devil, racist. It matters not that you are respectful and polite to them. The young ones are filled with hate. Thanks, OBAMA!

  8. I don’t shop at Walmart anymore since they got rid of most of their firearms and various kinds of ammo. However, I did order something online and picked it up at my local Walmart. This was roughly a month ago.

    It was too surreal. There was this huge “tower” near the checkout lines, which by the way had many of the self-checkout lines (seemed a few more than I last remembered). But I showed this worker my order number, and she proceeded to get my item out of this tower. Just seemed too out of place for my tastes. Probably the last time I ever set foot in Walmart. Wish a damn Rural King was closer.

  9. If they do let’s hope they provide more space to put your groceries after you run them through the scanner. They have this little place with the plastic bag holder in the back. Should double that amount of space, otherwise I have to put stuff back into the cart and I may miss something.

  10. Hambone,

    Pent up hate because she hasn’t found anyone to impregnate her so she can quit work and suck off the government teat (i.e, you and me). Give her time.

  11. Why not just buy the ‘can’t live without’ goodies directly from Communist China and cut out the Walmart middle man?

  12. Dementia, mild form, will cause problems with thirty percent of shoppers over 68. Need covid wipe down employees. Flash mob massive theft will increase,. Low IQ ethnicity will hurt sales and raise racism suits. Homeless will move into stores and cannot be removed until ten years in court. Autonomous republics will be formed at every store which solves the logistics, feeding and safe environment concerns as are now self sufficient countries. Twenty five percent of our population will take refuge in Walmartiastans. Amazon and it’s Media will stoke SJW , BLM and Democrats to create Rights for those citizens of Walmartiastan.

  13. I tried to use self-checkoot a few times when I had only a few items and the lines were long. Lots of beeping and “unexpected item in bag” warning even though I scanned each item. I will not be using self-checkout. Period.

  14. Good luck with that. Unless you have real time cameras and someone monitoring them, theft will increase big time. I work for a Wal-Mart style retailer and can’t for the life of me why I told them I would come back after a non-paid leave. I’m probably going to change my mind. The theft, the uncontrolled youths, the total disregard for products, etc. is so depressing and making me reconsider the human race. Not a good thing.

  15. @ This Texan – Exactly, and God forbid if you have fruits or veggies. Cashier had to help me go to a different screen with fruits and veggies and type in the number and let the damn machine weigh it. She actually had somewhat of an attitude…no, she was actually white…haha…but still acted like I was supposed to know about screens for different types of foods items and their cost per pound.

  16. When is Walmart going to publicly acknowledge that it is a ‘human right’ to steal from it! You know, those declared human rights i.e., free housing, food, medical care, cell phones, education, money, no borders, and Chinese goods!

  17. I use self check out all of the time. It’s amazing how wonderful tomatoes tase if not packed with canned goods. And bread, did you know it’s possible to get a loaf of bread that’s not smashed, home. Oh, and the rest of my produce fairs better when I pack it.

    And I can actually pack the bags less full and the don’t break.

  18. I am with Mm…. I almost always use self checkout.. AND yes I often need to start placing bags in my cart before I am done, but I am not easily confused.

  19. I can deal with the self checkouts, but the problem is half of them are down. But I don’t think it’s right to have someone buying 2 cartloads of shit who doesn’t know what they’re doing. Then it’s like using a regular cashier. LOL.

  20. I hate their damned bag carousels. It’s like three card monte and wheel of fortune combined. I have left something behind so many times that I do self-checkout now.

  21. My only problems with the self checkouts are the Ronsonol, Heet (Jennifer’s Mer-se-dees won’t run on even a little ethanol without Heet in every tank), and some other dumb shit I was trying to purchase… I can’t remember what it was — but equally absurd. It may have been a gallon of MEK.

    The Lowe’s guy was saying, “MEK is some nasty stuff…”

    “MEK is nasty? We used 1,1,1 Trichloroethane in the telco — THAT shit was nasty.”

    He had no idea what I was talking about.

    Reminds me of a bad happening at the 1711 garage. I had a glass bottle of 1,1,1 under the seat of the truck. I parked the truck for the night, opened the door and the bottle slipped out and burst on the floor. In the time it took me to get my seatbelt off I was high as a kite. In the time it took me to try to gather the glass (maybe 10 more seconds) I was completely drunk. Staggering drunk. I had enough sense to stagger away and was ok within about 10 minutes.

    THAT shit is nasty.

  22. I think that is a terrible idea – I was both a cashier and customer service representative (Service Desk Employee) – what happens when someone comes through with a huge cart full – it would take forever to get it done. It isn’t fair to put so many trusted front line employees who stood by during all of this out of a job. I know many people do not like the self-checkers – they are too unreliable and are always breaking down. I would consider putting up flexiglass and add more cashiers and do less self-checkers.


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