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Walmart Selling Black Lives Matter Shirts with ‘Bulletproof’ on Them

Breitbart: Walmart is selling Black Lives Matter clothing and other items amid calls to designate the movement as a hate or terrorist effort. The retailer has banned sales of items bearing a Confederate flag, and an “All Lives Matter” bumper sticker saying it was “offensive.” Some of the Black Lives Matter clothing items also have the word “Bulletproof” on them.


A search on the huge retail corporation’s website shows a wide assortment of clothing and other items bearing the text “Black Lives Matter,” and there is even a Black Lives Matter monthly pocket planner for sale.

The retail giant recently faced media controversy when three of its employees in Georgia refused to bake a peace officer a cake for his retirement. Breitbart News reported in late September that the police officer’s daughter showed the bakers a design that said “Blue Lives Matter” with a blue line through the middle of the cake. Employees said it was racist. Her father was retiring after 25 years of service. A spokesman for the company later apologized for the incident.

In June of 2015, Walmart had to apologize after one of its stores in Louisiana baked a cake decorated with an ISIS flag after it had refused to make one bearing a Confederate flag.  more

SNIP: It’s not bad enough that Walmart inspires sites like, “The people of Walmart”.
Now they’re going to inspire, “Dead thugs of Walmart,” too?

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  1. Read once that some Indians once went off the reservation and would wear magic shirts they thought were bulletproof, too. They found out otherwise.

  2. I volunteer to help test the new BLM bulletproof clothing. How far away should I shoot from, and do I have to bring my own ammo or will it be provided?


  3. Wonder where these items are manufactured?

    Remember when you would walk down any aisle in WM and see Made In America signs everywhere?

  4. * Skittles, Arizona Watermelon Fruit Juice Cocktail, and dextromethorphan cough syrup, are sold separately.

    Ask at the street pharmacy courtesy desk.

  5. The garment comes with a handy Iced tea can pocket, skittles pocket, a secret hideaway for hot sauce, and an equally hidden protective blunt pocket.
    The rear of the garment is designed with anti-grab technology in case your Mom sees you in the riot and comes to smack the black right off you.
    It also forms a handy loot bag.
    If you buy the Shalamar series they have an tear gas air filter with mask and is impervious to all stains from BBQ sauce

  6. Have that fooken eejit Jacaria Colms, xYz: the asshole with the firecracker vest: the skate board expert, test it. He’ll do it.
    Let Vietvet or Bad Brad take the shot. A.22 should penetrate the blubber. I’d take the shot myself but I might miss the eejit.

  7. Crap store chain that sells “blemish” items rejected for sale @ real stores. Haven’t set foot in one in 20years.

  8. The family of some little felon is going to sue Walmart for millions after their innocent little future astronaut gets filled with bullet holes by the cops while committing a violent felony. “But dey said it wuz bulletproof…”

  9. “That’s A LOT of blubber for a little ole .22 MT”

    Give them the old 45 acp flying ashtray.

    I wonder how the hoody does on head shots?

  10. “Walmart Selling Black Lives Matter Shirts with ‘Bulletproof’ on Them”

    Sounds like a direct challenge, to me.

  11. I have been to WalMart once this year. A friend wanted me to go. Only good thing I can say about the store is they did a good job of remodeling it. Before it looked like a dump. I still won’t go there on my own.

  12. The shirt will make you bulletproof if you comply with an arresting officer’s instructions while wearing it.

    If you dont, it will probably make you bullet riddled

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