Walmart shoppers struggle over towels on Black Friday


h/t AmericanMirror.

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  1. I’ve been thinking for a while that Black Friday was yet another malignant, malevolent progg-tarded tactic to break down yet another sacred American tradition only to replace it with even more nihilistic stupidity

    But after seeing this video I may have to reconsider

  2. T’was the month before Christmas and through every Walmart
    Shoppers were lined up trying to get a head start.
    The bath towels were placed by employees with care
    On top of the boxes filled with cookware.
    When they opened the doors there arose such a scrabble!
    Punching and kicking! Oh what a rabble!
    Fighting to cram all those goods in their carts
    If this happened in Iraq, they’d get Purple Hearts!
    But seeing those armloads of terry cloth disappear
    What the hell do they say when they’re at the cashier?
    With all of this shit the cashiers’ gotta laugh,
    “What the fucks with the the towels? You never take a bath!”

  3. Well, cleanliness is next to Godliness.
    One out of two is moving in the right direction.

    If Walmart was giving away Bibles would they still be there filling their carts?

  4. Had to go dig the Walmart Black Friday circular out of the bin to see what the deal was. Either a six pack of washcloths or a bath towel for $1.60. Where’s my hat?

  5. One of my under cabinet lights went out around 3PM yesterday. I hit up WalMart for a replacement at about 3:15PM. I saw all the “deals” wrapped in plastic with signs that the items were not for sale until 6PM.

    People were already lined up! WTF? You’re going to stand there for nearly 3 hours to save $20?

    There was this one old white lady, having difficulty navigating her cell phone and when she finally got through was talking really loud. In that obnoxious, confused, old lady voice; “What TV is it that I’m supposed to be waiting for?”

    I walked by and coughed up a, LOSERS!

  6. Looks like fun,
    if you’re a pickpocket
    if you like germs
    if you’re a public groper with low standards
    if you’ve been watching the Purge Movies
    if mayhem is your cup of tea
    if you can somehow tune out halitosis
    if you’re a young, ambitious ambulance chaser.

  7. “People were already lined up! WTF? You’re going to stand there for nearly 3 hours to save $20?”

    People on welfare have no concept of time=money.

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