Wanna Try Wasabi?

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  1. Videos like this suggest that, deep down, these parents secretly resent their children. Father of 2, and I cannot figure it any other way.

  2. I like wasabi peas … but for some unknown reason Barry liked to have em stuck up his bum. I helped a few times but it jus wnatne’t not my thing.

    He’d sqeel and Reggie and Moose would ……. well ……….. take im from both ends, if ya know wahtta mean.

  3. We love Paqui ghost pepper chips. Unfortunately there was a fragment of a chip on the floor and a tiny friend of ours was “Hoovering”…. she got the chip and ate it.

    30 minutes of hell. No lie.

  4. I saw a video once of a baby getting into a bag of wasabi peas. She would put one in her mouth and in a second, cry and try to wipe the pain off her mouth. Then she would pick up another pea and do it all over again. She had about 5 or 6 peas. The person filming should have taken the peas away after the first time because the baby certainly didn’t get the link between the peas and the pain.

    I agree, sadistic parents.

  5. Little Rosie may get to help spoon-feed Mom at the nursing home someday.

    “Payback’s a mofo, Mom.”

  6. OK, I laughed. She’s so cute. She didn’t get much of it and I think she was probably just mimicking the adults in the room who ate it, too. She would have been in tears if she had a ‘lethal’ dose. LOL.

    I’m not even a fan of the Wasabi (aka horseradish). It tastes like Windex. 😀

  7. @MJA: I agree, it was funny and no real harm was done. Besides, it beats the hell out of stories I’ve heard from people who said their Mom punished them by making the drink hot sauce, or something similar. There’s a lot of sick people out there.

    P.S. – Windex? How long you been on the Blue Drank, anyway?


  8. Vietvet. Here’s what happened. My ex-BF and I were at a casino in Vegas eating Chinese food.
    I said, “What’s this green pasty stuff on that dish?”
    He said, “Wasabi. It’s kinda hot.”
    So I reach over with my fork poking at it like- “Pffft. Hot? Please, I’ve got an iron stomach.”
    So I dipped my eggroll into it and maybe pulled off about a teaspoon full and then stuffed my mouth.
    My BF was all, “You’re only supposed to use a LITTLE BIT!”
    Yeah, well, NOW he tells me.
    Anyway, tears coming out of my nose, eyes, ears… wherever,
    and there was a flash of light, the back of my skull opened up and I smelled and tasted Windex (extra shtrength).
    My BF said, “You okay?”
    I said, “Eh. I don’t care for the taste.”

  9. MJA, you poor girl!

    My dad once took a big gob of the “green stuff” he found on the buffet table. He was always trying new stuff, but then he spooned it up and – before I could scream “NOOOOOOooooo” he put it all in his mouth. His face turned red, he gagged and staggered to the bathroom. When he got back, we all were silent (poor Daddy!) and then burst out laughing when he said, “That was hot”. He was never one for understatements, so we knew he meant it.

  10. At least with wasabi the hot goes away pretty quick, and it does not ruin the rest of the meal. Some of the damn peppers nowadays the hot doesn’t go away for well past your dinner, and by then you’ve lost interest.

  11. We were at a Mexican restaurant when our oldest was about 18 months old. This was our favorite restaurant because their guacamole really had a kick. She kept wanting some guacamole so we finally gave her a taste.

    Her face turned red and tears rolled down her face. She then smiled and wanted more.

    And the rest is history. (She LOVES wasabi)


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