Reposted: Want to Plan an iOTWr Gathering for Your Area?

Reposting: I have received 4 emails from people wanting to plan an event. Thought I’d repost this in case someone missed it from Saturday.

The Northwest Region Meetup was a success! How would you like to have a similar meetup in your area?

This post is to find out if anyone is interested in planning such a gathering for their area. Email me at this address: with
(1) your screen name
(2) your email
(3) the state/region/country for your get together.

Illustr8r was gracious enough to write up some tips about organizing the event which I will email to you.

Next week, I will make another post on Saturday, 7-27-19, to notify everyone of all the areas where someone will be organizing an event. I will post the organizer’s screen name and the state/region/country. After next week’s post, anyone interested in attending will then email me their information which I will forward to the organizer and they will take it from there.

I will be the contact person to enable you all to connect, so you don’t have to post your information online. For this week, please email me only if you will take on the job of organizing the event. Anyone interested in helping or just attending the gathering, please post a comment and do not email me until next week.

Hopefully, there will be enough people who will be able to plan an event in enough areas that we all have something happening close enough to attend!

Please put any questions you might have in the comments.

77 Comments on Reposted: Want to Plan an iOTWr Gathering for Your Area?

  1. Arizona, lets pick some damn place where we can shoot junk and do burnouts.

    Also, Lazlo has a ton of coke and a bootleg copy of “Evil Roy Slade” (go ahead, email me. I haven’t answered one since Bush was in office)

    Aaron Burr P.O. box 1849 Chino Valley Az 86323 ( I actually respond to cards and letters)

  2. Since 2007. It’s how I sell art crap and my bacon grease and shredded koran votive candles that have the I SQUEAL FOR ALLAH stickers with a pig face on them.

    Also, since the FBI et all got all butthurt in 2012 over the whole Wisconsin recall deal, anybody who’s anybody knows who I am.

  3. Who’s Aaron?….is this like finding Dora the explorer or Waldo next to your lawn jockey?….

  4. The only IOTWer I ever met friggin’ DIED….(.45-70 )….so, I promise not to organize or participate in anything….

  5. If We have one in South Florida…We’re going to need to rent two

    Cars…Because We’re going to set one on fire…We’ll take the

    Headlights out of the other to keep Us from Driving Drunk after

    Sunset…I know an Exotic Animal Guy if any of You need to get

    Your Freak on…I gotta go…Cops are out front again..

  6. This could get interesting. Like a number of mini Tea Party gatherings. I’m gonna talk to the boss and see if she’ll give me permission.

  7. I’m in central NJ, which should cover Philly to NYC. I live in the Freehold area of Monmouth County, about 20 minutes off the Parkway and Turnpike.
    Our area is a small sliver of Republican voters in NJ.
    For this, I would look to Saturday August 24th. Kids are welcome.

    I’ll supply the meat, and you supply the sides

  8. I second Chicagoland. May I suggest the organizer do it on a -25 degree day outside of a Subway. Since it’s what we would ordinarily do it shouldn’t put anyone out of their way. I’ll bring the rope.

  9. C Steven Tucker JULY 20, 2019 AT 7:15 PM
    “Chicagoland, far west suburbs but only if BFH and Mr. Pinko attend.
    I’ll pay for airfare.”

    …I don’t think TSA will let BFH on a plane with a pixilated face…

  10. This is beginning to sound like two events in history:

    Christians (pre Constantine Rome) meeting ‘in secret’ and Sams Adams and friends having ‘meetings’ talking and planning future things…talk about grass roots.

    And I kinda like what I am a hearing here!

    Unfortunately, here in lower Westchester, I am behind enemy lines, actually surrounded on three sides, so I would have to bug out to get to An IOTW Gathering…in and out of hostile territory and towns.

    BTW, that pic will go down in the official IOTW annals as epic.

  11. “Chicagoland…”

    …not far from me, and I was born in IL, but speaking for myself, I don’t visit states that disarm the law-abiding at the border…

  12. What part of back channeling do you people not understand? Offline and under the radar.

    The enemy is itching to pounce on such gatherings. They hate us to death. You do not want a public revelation of your gathering.

    Use the back channel for such info sharing.

  13. C. Steven Tucker, Redgrandma, Loretta from Indiana, Old Oaks and ECP,

    DH and I are up for it as long as it isn’t a weekend with huge snows or when our newest grandson, who is due in a few weeks, will be baptized downstate.

  14. PHenry is right even thou the trolls leave us alone they are out there reading, we have had a few come over and say they are long time lurkers and post a comment and now want to join us for a meet up, get in the game or stay away.
    There is a right way to do this take your time and do not rush it.
    If someone has not commented here in the last year I would not invite them unless one of us could vouch for them.
    Garland Texas anyone, ring a bell.
    The left hates us and don’t forget it.
    PS we planned for months on the NW meet up.
    Take it off line, it is for the good of all of us
    Sorry for the long post but we have to be careful. And if you want Fur or any of the leaders here to come to your meet up posting that really should not be discussed on the blog.

  15. ^^^^Exactly what @GeoffCtheSaltine said!!!!^^^^

    I know you guys are excited but contain your excitement to your private planning group. Claudia is trying with this post to gather names of those interested in being the “event planner…your “Julie the Cruise Director.”

    It’s a step by step process and it took me a few weeks to get things organized. Once I did, under safe cover, we had lively back and forth about what to do. So, be patient and be discreet.

    First, contact Claudia if you’d like to be an organizer…

  16. The situation on the ground has changed, my friends. I was able to use my real name, do radio interviews using my real name to launch Richmond tea party. That was 2009.

    Those days are over.

    Although I would agree that we shouldn’t be in hiding, we’d best not be publicly advertising either.
    Not sure about the best approach.

    Swagger and we’re packing dangerous things that can fuck you up if you mess with us might work, too. I prefer to nor go there. But this option is not off the table.
    Again. This shouldn’t even need to be discussed.

  17. Talk about paranoid. I just caught grown men in my backyard at 2120 hours. I confronted them and it was Jimmy. Someone who grew up and never felt a compunction about fishing the lake. Hes an adult now.
    They were looking for frogs. For Fishing

    Im glad that dialed itself back. Packing an HK USB Sub 40 would have been an issue. . Deep breath. Over.

    Sorry. PHenry here

  18. I, James Comey, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.

    My fellow patriots, take heart, we would never infringe on your 4th Amendment right, with the full knowledge you have the 2nd.

  19. I’ll do midwest, so long as we minimize the liberal factor. I know that’s difficult around here, so I’ll just say Crook County specifically.

  20. I can see the Arizona meeting heading South immediately…

    “It’s Aaron Burr My Lord in a flat bed Ford

    slowin down to shoot the finger at Me”

  21. Willysgoatgruff where are you, what state?
    None of us has died yet.
    And yes 45.70 is missed.

  22. Supernightshade
    JULY 20, 2019 AT 10:01 PM

    ^^^unless you’re a gang member in Chicongo, that is. It’s all good, if you ARE.

    …that’s what I mean by “disarm the LAW-ABIDING, those who would shoot you for being a White Conservative get a pass, while IL makes sure you can’t respond in kind…

  23. Geoff C. The Saltine
    JULY 20, 2019 AT 10:05 PM
    “…None of us has died yet….”

    …we all WILL, though.

    Everyone you love will die.
    Everything you build will fall.
    Everything you do will fail.


    It’s just the doom of mortal man, that we are mortal, and all that we do is ultimately impermanent.

    …that’s why we need to accept the Lord.

    …only with HIM is there a REAL future.

    “19 Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal:

    20 But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal:

    21 For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”
    -Matthew 6:19-21

    …and perhaps 45.70 just got there AHEAD of us, is all…

    …till then, enjoy the life HE gave you, with HIS other children you are drawn to.

    …we are all better for having known 45.70, Willysgoatgruff moreso than many. Treasure that brief acquaintance as the gift from God that it was, and don’t let that TEMPORARY end discourage you from meeting OTHER kindred souls, you’re just cheating yourself if you DO…

  24. Okay, gonna change the Philadelphia/Jersey/Lower NY/NYC/Delaware venue to a shore condo in Wildwood, NJ September 5th – 9th. I can sleep 8.

  25. I’m up for a Florida gathering. Anything north of Ocala would be a stretch, but anything south of there is do-able. Ideal would be Sarasota County, but that’s close to Tampa/St. Pete, Ft. Myers, Naples on the Gulf coast, and on the Atlantic side, anything from, say, Melbourne to Boca Raton. I’d rather not go to Broward or Miami-Dade counties for safety reasons.

    I’m not going to be more specific, but I thought it reasonable to define the boundaries of what I think is a convenient region.

    For anyone else who might travel this way from a neighboring state, you can check on Florida’s concealed weapon permit reciprocity here. We’re good with Alabama and Georgia except the Tallahassee Poobahs have decreed that if you’re under 21 you ain’t no good.

    Update: Orlando has lots of accommodations, but is infested with nasty rodents and pedophiles wearing fuzzy costumes.

  26. Okay, gonna change the Philadelphia/Jersey/Lower NY/NYC/Delaware venue to a shore condo in Wildwood, NJ September 5th – 9th. I can sleep 8…Who’s in for a free vacation?

    Two twins, two queens, two floor mattresses, pull-out couch.

  27. Yes Super I know that, I was talking about meeting people on this blog in person. Not many of us have met in person as a group. And we are still here talking about it.
    I have been here long enough to know several people who have died including the founder of this blog.

  28. My Ford is not a flatbed…..

    It’s Arizona. The state that invented crystal meth and holes in the desert for bothersome sorts.

    The only way anything could go south is if someone objects to the mariachi band I’m planning on hiring for the event.

  29. @ Geoff C. Saltine….I live in the middle of everywhere….8 miles to the geographic center of the USA, but to the right…LOL….North Central Kansas….I can put up maybe a dozen people comfortably if they like indoor camping and cooking on our own. Gas grill, smoker , full kitchen.I have three acres to put campers on and the locals will think I’m a person of interest., so that’s a bonus…LOL…..Would you too risk death?….LOL……….and oh yeah, I already died in Chicago!!!!….LOL….

  30. Any IOTW family in MT, WY, ID, maybe ND that might be interested? I won’t volunteer to organize but I would help if there’s enough interest. Plenty of room to meet here in MT, plenty to do and see. Even Nolackaloonies is pretty well situated and we can ignore the loonies here. I think most would prefer NOT to go to Missoula, which is crazier and more crowded than Nolackaloonies (Helena).

  31. Indeed, @Geoff C. The Saltine, just trying to offer some encouragement to Willie about not letting a loss deny him the fellowship of others, as seems to be the case, springboarding off your post to do so. No offense was intended.

    And I know no better agency of hope than the Lord, so I give what hope I can to a brother in pain.

    That is all.

    God bless, SNS.

  32. Concur with PHenry and all the others regarding personal Operational Security. It’s the main reason I rarely comment or participate – being deep behind enemy lines, and given the professional ecosystem I live in, every public keystroke could spell doom in these strange devolving times.

    I’d very much enjoy a local meet up with like-minded folks from this site (where maybe I could speak somewhat freely), but never forget that the self-appointed Stasi really are everywhere now, and hungry for the next target of their outrageous outrage.

  33. Damn my state kicks ass.

    And why not a mariachi band? They can play the stars and stripes just as well as anyone I guess.

    Besides, me and Lazlo are up in rrurul Arizona. We don’t come down the mountains to go hang out in the flatland. Pozole, home made tortillas,fat steaks….and a mariachi band. Seems pretty Arizona to me.

  34. I’m in for Florida or Georgia. Afterward, we will be able to tell our own Florida Man stories!!

  35. You people DO realize that we’re all just figments of Mr. Hat’s imagination?

    He’s having a psychotic episode and we’re the manifestations of it.

    Geez …

    izlamo delenda est …

  36. I am with Cracker baby (Jonesborough/johnson city would be great so would Gatlinburg area)

    MD, VA, WV, NC & SC perhaps eastern TN and kantuckee. I could also do central Fl and southern NY (enemy held territory) added plus for me I have a 218 so I CCW anytime I travel anywhere

    But I am NOT an organizer.

  37. If it helps anyone to decide on whether they want to volunteer to take on the job of being the party planner-this was my first time EVER- in doing something like this. I find reasons to get out of going to parties-I don’t plan them!!!

    I just felt that we had to get together. The Pacific NW was getting nuttier and we exist as outcasts in our own neighborhoods, jobs etc…we talked about it on iotw for years…Trump is President…a perfect storm.

    It worked out great. Keep it simple. You can do it! 🙂

  38. I just stuck my neck out and volunteered for mid Atlantic.
    Yeah. That’s very general and I am seeking a coconspirator/voice of sanity. It should be on a Saturday so that everyone within a few hours drive can make it.

    Potluck at one of the many Civil War battlefields. Then back to the hotel room for a nap. Then drinks, dinner discussions.

    Thats the extent of my party planning.

    I’m thinking Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania. Fantastic civil war sites.

    Of course. My heart isn’t set on that.

    Lots of lodging and restaurants though.

    The floor is open to discussion.

  39. I picture everyone here in their twenties and in their underwear. Makes it easier to post in front of a crowd. Afraid a meeting might bring back the fear of posting before large groups.

  40. @Tim
    I sometimes wonder if BFH is just one many of this website owner’s schizophrenic identities and I am just being played as a pawn in his bizarre internet fantasy…

  41. Supernightshade JULY 20, 2019 AT 7:38 PM

    …not far from me, and I was born in IL, but speaking for myself, I don’t visit states that disarm the law-abiding at the border…

    You can stay close to me a I always carry two. Shoulder replacement just short of three months ago and almost ready to get back to the range. By the time something might be solidified I’m thinking I should be comfortable drawing again. Could look into getting an outdoor range for some daytime fun… Just checked in after working outside to throw this up here.

  42. A. Moose. Rest assured that everyone here on this blog are in there twenties and in their underwear.

    It’s all cool.

    Within a decade or so. But rest easy.

    I cant see you and you can’t see me.

    That was nearly a Clapton song.

  43. PHenry
    JULY 22, 2019 AT 8:11 PM
    “A. Moose. Rest assured that everyone here on this blog are in there twenties and in their underwear.”

    …some may have hit their 20’s two or three times over by now. And the underwear may be a bit larger than Tommy John is wont to feature in their ads.

    …but I assure you, we won’t bite, as long as we have dinner first, anyway, the nap afterwards keeps the crowd intimidation factor to a minimum…

  44. Anymouse
    JULY 22, 2019 AT 7:22 PM

    “You can stay close to me a I always carry two.”

    …bless you, @Anymouse, and I always appreciate the offer of a stalwart pistolero at my side, but the point is that I don’t want to reward anti-2A states with my tourist dollars.

    …with that in mind, maybe Kentucky would be good for meet-ups and range time, THEY have CONSTITUTIONAL carry and are pretty central…

  45. @PHenry ~ ain’t promising nothing … the Fredericksburg/Chancellorsville/Wilderness/Spotsylvania area is nice (though I barely recognized the Fredericksburg area last time I drove through; barely recognized Salem Church! … Guiney Station is still intact) … but a few fine cabin/resort areas around

    let me know … Keep Hope Alive! 😉

  46. Jethro,
    Does a pawn exist unto itself? Not a chessboard pawn, which seems to have some sort of physical reality, but the pawn of an internet conspiracy – a conspiracy that may (or may not) exist independent of the conspirator(s)?
    Our existence, such as much as an “existence” may exist in an internet forum, is dependent on the whims and digitally binary manipulations of a single entity – which may not even exist as an independent existence, but only as a manifestation of a combined existence of the principal existors existantly existing. Thus, the fantasy may not be as fantastic as we are led to believe.

    Or not.

    izlamo delenda est …


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