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Wanted! Please Read

iOTWreport is interested in posting videos of gangs of white people beating up lone unarmed minorities. The videos should be current, within the last, oh, say, 30 years. We seek to expose racists and deplorables and Nazis.

Drop links to these videos in the comment section.

For inspiration, the videos should look a little like this –

Happy hunting.

ht/ c. steven tucker

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  1. I would suggest putting a $10k bounty on a video like that. That way when nobody finds one, they can’t claim they had no incentive. It’s a pretty safe bet you won’t have to pay up.

  2. Dangit BFH (channeling a couple of my less successful students), can we just use a couple of videos of lone wolf videos of idjits running down other idjits at a rally? Maybe some extra credit? This is too hard.

  3. I’m going to need some criteria on “Minorities” Chief. I’ve been watching lots of BLM protests and riots and right now I equate the word minority with a fat white woman with multi colored hair.

  4. Well I have several videos of Trump beating hillary’s ass around 2016. Are women minorities? I forget. The class system changes so often with Dems I don’t know who is on top of the fraud chain from month to month.

  5. “They hope no other videos like this pop up“

    Let me translate that for you. The pieces of subhuman shit responsible for enforcing the law couldn’t give a rat’s ass about the lives of innocent people who are being brutalized and robbed, the only thing the worthless pieces of subhuman shit care about is that the robbing and assaulting not be caught on video. Typical Democrat run shithole.

  6. Portland protests end Friday downtown in tandem force by federal, local police

    But not to fear Oregon’s elected officials are not having any outsiders come in mess with their footsoldiers

    Oregon will sue federal police agencies, open criminal investigation into use of force

    I don’t click OLive, the Oregonian online site, since they shut down reader comments just before mostly peaceful riot season got underway. If you want to read the stories that is where to find the,

  7. @Bad_Brad – those aren’t the majority of white people now? I never would have guessed, based on most videos I can find.

  8. Yeah, but what happened BEFORE that video, anonymous?
    I like how the black people filming it didn’t call the cops or go out to help. LOL!

  9. Bfh, I think you’ll have more success if you contact the SPLC. I’m positive they have a mammoth sized library housing this particular material.

    At least they’re the go to “experts” cited by NYT, WaPo, FB, Twatverse, YootTubes, and even the FBI used to use their stats. They even testify before congressional committees in an effort to tamp down the white devils roaming US city streets.

    I’ve never personally seen any of their evidence, but I’m sure they must’ve produced it to be funded and hired on advisory boards for the above listed, right?

  10. @MJA – I almost have to support @anonymous with this video. I do think there are pockets of racists and this does appear to be one of those. However, I approve of your question. What did lead up to this encounter? I want to see the entire story, rather than a clip that shows a part of the entire incident.

    If it shows that those in the mob are in the wrong, I will put this in the running for the purpose of this thread.

  11. Right, but we are talking about clearly unprovoked assaults here. Like a gang of assholes showing up knocking people into traffic.

    Those white people in the video could have been kicking out a drug dealer who stiffed them on a deal. LOL. It wasn’t like an all white neighborhood if black people were filming from their home next door. lol.

    Plus, you know how media loves white on black crime. Stuff like that would be running for decades at the beginning of Cuomo’s show.

  12. hmmmm, the video posted somehow doesn’t seem analogous to me. It didn’t look like a gang either hanging out on a street corner or marauding through town looking to rob, mug and stir up mayhem. The context seems wrong because I see all different ages and genders, together, which doesn’t suggest a pack. This looked like a neighborhood dispute of some sort. Needs context.

  13. I can’t find any videos of whites attacking like a pack of hyenas. Even older than 30 years ago. A video like this one doesn’t exist for whites because it has never happened. Even the YouTube algorithm doesn’t have one and has to pad the search results because I found that video searching for “white gangs.”

  14. Well the signs on the fence in that video indicate the black guys a Patriot and the white assholes are ANTIFABLM. I’m going to need better criteria because now I’m even more confused.
    If that little asshole tried to take my glasses off my face they would need to surgically re attach his arm after they pulled it out of his ass.

  15. ecp- Yes. That’s exactly what I’m talking about. Unprovoked. But yeah, I know, it’s black on black in this case.

  16. I have to partially disagree with you BFH. There are multiple white people involved in assaulting a black person, even though they are leftists attacking. Only partially since it doesn’t look like a mob in my dictionary.

    However, doesn’t the term “bro” in this video appear to be RACIST??!?

  17. Maybe you can find some videos of white BLM “folks” in Seattle’s CHOP killing negroes?

    History Question — The KKK was the military arm of the:

    A) Republican Party
    B) Democratic Party
    C) Disco Dance Party
    D) Party Like It’s 1999

  18. Engelburka Engelburka —
    That’s right. The lack of evidence, besides them just simply announcing that white supremacy violence against minorities is rampant, is astounding. Where are all the videos? You know there would be a repository site where we could all view the horrendous footage.
    It doesn’t exist.

  19. However, doesn’t the term “bro” in this video appear to be RACIST??!?>>>

    Highly… send them to reeducation camps.

  20. The black guy was pulling down signs and that’s why whiteys came over. It provoked a conflict. [And I agree with black guy.]


    We are talking about UNPROVOKED acts here. Like a black guy talking on his cell phone and then 3 white people run up behind him, knock him down, steal his sneakers and his phone, whip his ass and then run off.
    Or even if they didn’t steal anything, but still whipped his ass and run off.

  21. I think you guys are missing out on how the news media is currently assigning race, as they continue to further disconnect themselves from reality.

  22. MJA

    If you’re a woman with green, purple or orange dyed hair you’re considered a minority.

  23. If you read what Meghan Markle has said, you’d think the Royal Family was whipping her ass and that’s why she had to leave. 🤣

  24. Nigs gonna nig. When it all falls apart in this country, it’s gonna be open season on these coon motherfuckers with no goddamn bag limit.

  25. BFH – “…However, doesn’t the term “bro” in this video appear to be RACIST??!?>>>…”

    You are correct. Any brother will tell you that no black man says “Bro”. It’s “Bruh”. That was one dumbass white boy who is way out of his league, trying to be like his “Bros”.

  26. I’ll play Devils Advocate.
    I seem to remember the Southern Poverty Law Center telling us there are 31 Hate Groups headquartered Chicago Illinois. About 9 of which follow a White Nationalist agenda. I am sure I could find a video taken in just this Liberal Socialist Democrat state filled with Liberal White Radicals?

    But would it count?

    ☺ Just playing Devils Advocate ☻

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