WaPo Food Critic Accidentally Exposes Man Cheating On His Wife

KFI: When people have an affair, they try to keep everything discreet. They likely avoid getting on the Kiss Cam at a sporting event or appearing on a live TV show. Instead, they tend to spend their time together in private at a dimly lit restaurant. However, a date like that backfired big time for a man cheating on his wife, and it’s all because of a food critic for the Washington Post. more

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  1. I’ve found that the easiest way to not get caught cheating on my wife is to not cheat on my wife.
    Apparently this self experiment has worked because we’ve been married for 28 years.

  2. Lazlo will not cheat on Mrs. Lazlo until there are other planets immediately open for colonization in galaxies other than this, and probably not even then, and it would have to be with Morgan Fairchild from the Falcon Crest days.

  3. I commute on the train and one day the train was going to be delayed by over an hour so I took a walk from the platform to a nearby hotel and when I entered through the bar there was a guy who worked in our office in the embrace of a consultant who does work for the city. He was about three miles from the office and in another jurisdiction and probably thought that no one would ever find out.

    1) Both married
    2) He signs contracts with this strumpet’s firm

  4. Thinking with the Small Head always leads to trouble, stress and strife sooner or later. Usually sooner. Always. Without fail.

    That guy in the photo is clearly old enough to have learned this lesson, but some men never seem to figure it out.

  5. Neighbor is a dentist. Absolutely shocked when his very own wife announced she was suing him for malpractice. Apparently he filled the wrong cavity. Numerous times. At work.

  6. Brief greeting/conversation between 2 pals:
    How you doin’ Fred?
    Well Dave, I’m ok, but I got seenus trouble.
    You mean sinus trouble, Fred?
    No, I mean seenus trouble.
    I was coming out of the movies with my girlfriend last night and my wife seen us.

  7. My former boss (now deceased) told me once that he told his wife he way going out to play cards with the guys and she told him she was going to the movies with the girls.
    Well, he met his girl friend at the motel, and, lo and behold, observed his wife at the same motel with some guy!
    I axed him what he did.

    He said they laughed about it and got a divorce.

    izlamo delenda est …


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