WaPo: I’m Telling Your Mom!

Washington Post Tracks Down Guy For Tweeting Wrong Coronavirus Opinion

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  1. I remember punks like that in school. They always ended up sitting alone at lunch and ran for home when the bell rang at the end of the day. Not always fast enough though.😉

  2. Uh oh. I might be in trouble too. I committed the poor judgement of posting online an opinion that I was not yet convinced that covid-19 was a greater danger than previous flu pandemics that kill 10s of thousands of people every year, and the government actions seem a huge overreach to me. And if it turns out the Wuhan virus was no worse than previous viruses or even less fatal. The government will still claim if it wasn’t for placing millions of healthy people under home arrest, it would have been. Whether it helped or not.

    Oh wait, I don’t do any of the modern so-called social media things: facebook, twitter, etc. Just participate on a few old fashioned online forums. Probably not a big spot light on anything anyone post there.

    The big worry, I guess, is not whether the Wuhan virus ultimately kills more people than previous outbreaks. The worry is that it might put huge numbers of people in hospital very quickly, and overrun capacity to manage it. It’s easy to criticize from the seat of low to no responsibility.

  3. Great insight into WaPo’s twisted agenda.
    (I would have just ignored the entire brouhaha)

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. My family got the Sunday compost for decades and I actually read the front pages of some of the sections, but we mainly got it for the advertisement section, coupons and comics. It was also good for lining the cages of my daughter’s pets.
    The leftism got so bad in recent years, and the ad section got so small, that the benefits didn’t outweigh the negatives. We finally decided to cancel it. The lady on the phone practically begged my wife to maintain the subscription, almost giving it away.

  5. Since the Pee Post is wrong in multiple articles on a daily basis, are they now intent on tracking down themselves?
    Such hypocrisy!

  6. My Grandmother spent her last 3 years after a stroke bed ridden on an air mattress and slipping away very very slowly.
    The last 2 years were on oxygen or a ventilator on and off again. Intubated for a very long time.
    For sure she did not know where she was for at least 16 months.

    It was EXACTLY what she did not want. She had a “no heroic measures” clause in her will & living will during her initial stroke 3 years earlier.
    The doctors did not consider the feeding tube “heroic” and thus she lingered and suffered for 3 years. Exactly what she did not want. SHE wanted to pass on but was not allowed to. She survived WW2 and had a very practical view on life and its purpose.

    My entire family still feels the pain.

    The current generations really believe themselves to be significant and important. I notice that the more unnecessary they are the more they cling to the idea that they have purpose.

    Cops, fire, soldiers, trades people, farmers, nurses & doctors seem to understand more that there is a quality and quantity of life. Even journalists in war zones understand this.

    Some WAPO asshole and the like are so full of self importance that they truly do not comprehend that a society must always look forward and to not crippling its youth in many ways.
    Debt, entitlement, lazyness are all the result of too much wanting & Taking and too little work & commiting to yourself & family.

    I have never met an older person who wanted to destroy the future of their grandchildren! Many under 60’s are a vain bunch who have never suffered fuck all in life.


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