WaPo: Michelle Obama’s Departure Ends ‘Singular Era for American Fashion’


NewsBusters: What would Thanksgiving Day be without more gushing over the Obamas? The Washington Post on Thursday declared That Michelle Obama’s “departure from the East Wing signaled the end of a singular era for American fashion.” The piece by Robin Givhan contrasts with the writer’s bashing of the looks of conservative women such as Carly Fiorina, who she mocked as a “style bully.”

Regarding Mrs. Obama, Givhan fawned, “She helped young people see that fashion is more than catwalk extravaganzas and ‘Project Runway.’”


michelle's fat ass

michelle in a zeppelin dress

43 Comments on WaPo: Michelle Obama’s Departure Ends ‘Singular Era for American Fashion’

  1. For the first few years as First Lady, she dressed like shit. It looked like she was wearing kitchen drapes half the time. Since it was impossible for her to do worse, I will admit, she didn’t.

    Good riddance to the skankiest woman(?) ever to be First Lady. Her and her mother won’t be missed a whit. Toothpick either.

  2. And so ends the Great American Mistake. Like Michelle’s wardrobe, they were very, very expensive, didn’t fit well, looked like shit and it’s a great relief to take them off.

  3. I’ll never forget the Dems bashing Sarah Palin for shopping at Macy’s to find something formal to wear. Good Riddance. Even a $50,000 outfit couldn’t save Obama.

  4. “Cast not your pearls before swine.” I will never forget some of my military buddies stories about personal interaction with this “woman” and her piss poor treatment of those that serve. I won’t forget her frivolousness in spending our tax dollars. And I won’t forgive the fashion industry for cramming this pig into every trash bag of a dress and frumpy shorts and shirt combo out there and calling it the new look. She will always be a pig in lipstick to me.

  5. Oh, it’s been singular alright. Mooch has been to the concept of dressing well, as Miley is to notions of modesty and decorum.

    ‘Bye now. Off you go, and not a moment too soon.

  6. The funny thing is that with the exception of a few designers of little note that will “refuse” to dress the incoming first lady (never mind that they were never asked to) most of the names will fall over themselves to get a chance to get one of their designs on a beautiful, classy first lady. Then these fashion writers will have to bite their tongues as they suck up to Ms. Trump.

  7. From WAPO: “but companies such as J. Crew, the Gap and White House Black Market benefited from the culture’s Obama obsession. One researcher tracked Obama’s ability to create consumer demand and estimated the “Obama Effect” was worth $38 million to a company.” Article then goes on to say J. Crew, Gap and others are teetering on bankruptcy. The WAPO’s “fashion sense” is about as good as its economic acumen.

  8. I believe that’s Beau’s dog sweater she’s wearing and looks like it shrank to boot.

    Yo Adeen, is this fabulous employment opportunity you speak of in the prone position? Just axkin for a friend.

  9. I had to check to see if Robin Givhan is male, female, or wookie. She’s definitely female and her fashion sense as displayed in photos of her clearly explains why she’s moist in the panties over Mooch–they dive at the same dumpsters and Goodwill bins in parking lots.
    The picture of Mooch with the two European president wives truly is a picture of two Ferraris and a dump truck.

  10. Look for an increase in Sasquatch sightings when mooch gets her big ass out of the white house.
    Hey, maybe that’s why she has to wear the outrageous colors that don’t match, kind of like hunter’s orange.

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