WaPo Nat’l Security Reporter: Russia Story “f*cking crap shoot…Maybe it doesn’t exist.”


In this all new Project Veritas video, two Washington Post employees are caught on hidden camera expressing their biases and acknowledging that the Trump-Russia collusion. O’Keefe also takes a swing at The Washington Post, saying “The media wants me to kneel down and apologize. I will not.”

5 Comments on WaPo Nat’l Security Reporter: Russia Story “f*cking crap shoot…Maybe it doesn’t exist.”

  1. Read the front page of the Washington Post today.

    The Trump “‘Islamophobic’ Video Tweet” article is so full of bullshit, you’d swear a junior high school student wrote it. It reads like a playground tit-for-tat spat.

    “No evidence! Nuh-uh! Didn’t happen! The muslim terrorist was BORN in that country so it doesn’t count! I can’t hear you blah blah blah!”

    Without question, the taunting childish tone leaps right off the paper. It’s like you can hear Trump’s voice when you read his tweets, you can hear a petulant child’s voice in this article. I’ve read so much of this unprofessional low-intellectual pap in the last decade, it’s no wonder people can’t formulate a coherent thought without resorting to: buzz words, sound bites, slogans, stomping away in emotional temper tantrums.

    It is truly a tell-tale sign of a decaying society.

  2. Remeber this when you do your Christmas shopping at Amazon. Jeff Bezos owns both and has turned the WP even more left then it was. It’s not a newspaper anymore, it’s his editorial vehicle. The more stuff bought at Amazon the more people put out of work and the more money Bezos can spend on the WP or his Amazon TV propaganda venture.

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