WAPO says Mexico is a $h**hole


The editorial board of the Washington Post jumped back into the fray this week with their own suggestions for what should be done regarding asylum seekers.

To their credit, the WaPo’s editors begin by admitting that we do, in fact, have a refugee crisis on our hands. They go one step further, admitting that the Obama administration was “flummoxed” by the unending flow of families and unaccompanied children trying to flee Central and South America and enter the United States, particularly in 2014. But they are dismissive of the one solution being put forward by the Trump administration which might actually make a difference. We’ve had a “safe third country” agreement with Canada since 2004. Under that plan, migrants are to apply for asylum in the first “safe” country they reach. So why can’t we have a similar deal with Mexico? Because, at least in the opinion of the Washington Post’s editors, Mexico is too much of a craphole nation to offer them any safety.


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  1. Sorry, WaPo, but for too long the Left has bombarded us with “solutions” that only make problems worse. Time to let the adults have a go at it.

  2. Can ya blame ’em?
    Hey when it comes to picking Shitholes, nobody beats our Shitholes!
    San Fransisco
    San Diego
    New York
    Washington DC

  3. The WaPo has finally figured out what a lot of other people have known for some time. Hispanics assimilate, just like the Irish, Germans, Italians, Poles, and everybody else.

    And the problem is all the Central Americans Zippy and Hilda couldn’t wait to import (along with all the Moslem crazies). Mexico was OK with it as long as they kept moving.

    The problem for Mexico is that it’s the Colombia of the 21st century, which we may have to fix some day.

    We should have made Mexico ours when we had the chance.

  4. Inter-National Socialists aren’t stupid – they’re liars.
    WaPo is a bastion of National and Inter-National Socialism and will propagate any lie to further their Globaloney Agenda. They are acutely aware of the “facts on the ground” in mexico, central and south America, Africa, central asia, europe, UK, asia, and the archipelagos – they know that the United States of America is the only decent place on Earth – and they are rabid in their belief that we should suffer the degradation and crushing poverty of the rest of the World (which explains their socialist mindset).

    As soon as they realize that they’ve “spoken a fact” they’ll issue a noisome miasma of oracular mysteriousness to disguise it.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. I wonder whether the US does any advertising in Mexico and other central and south american countries to dissuade people from trying to illegally enter the US? Use paper, print and the net to show the extreme dangers of making the trek (be as graphic as possible) and what happens when they’re caught (well, what should happen not what does). Maybe that would stop at least a decent portion of them from trying.

  6. Better yet, let’s just gather up all the so-called “refugees” at the border and send them up to Canada; you know, just like Mexico does to us!


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