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WaPo Tries to Trump Walker, Falls Flat on Its Face

Scott Walker

TruthRevolt -Liberal columnist Dana Milibank of the Washington Post has routinely launched attacks against conservatives, especially the 2016 Presidential candidates.

In his latest op-ed, “Walker Falls Flat on His Face,” he takes aim at Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and New York City real estate mogul Donald Trump, claiming that the former is trying to trump The Donald:

Scott Walker has for two decades won primary elections by refusing to allow any Republican to outmaneuver him on the right. So when Donald Trump, father of the Central Park ice rink, began skating circles around the Republican presidential field with his perfect execution of hard-line conservative positions, the Wisconsin governor tried to keep up by attempting more daring ideological leaps.

For the record, Trump supports single-payer healthcare, and tap-danced around his answers to justify it in the past.  more


7 Comments on WaPo Tries to Trump Walker, Falls Flat on Its Face

  1. I like Walker, but he’s no Trump or Cruz.
    If he showed some more heavy ballz, I might get behind him.
    I’ll give him credit for trying….He’s number 3 on my list behind Trump and Cruz.

  2. Walker fell off the radar when his connections to the GOPe came to light. Also, his “repeal AND REPLACE” strategery for O’care is a non-starter, and if that weren’t enough, hiring of Brad Dayspring, engineer of the dirty tricks campaign against Chris McDaniel in LA should be the death knell.

  3. Trump says he surrounds himself with knowledgable people. If he wins the nomination and knew what was good for him, he would pick Walker or Cruz as VP.
    Then, as a bigger novelty, other than himself, listen to his VP.

  4. @openthedoor:

    I agree. Walker or Cruz would be a fine choice for VP.
    Im leaning towards Walker as it might help turn Wisconsin red this time around.

  5. Trump should pick Biden, or at least someone as idiot as Biden.

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