Ward Vs. McCain

Breitbart: Sen. John McCain is facing a direct challenge now that Alex Meluskey has suspended his bid. That clears the way for Dr. Kelli Ward to attempt unite the Republican vote against McCain in the Arizona primary on August 30.

Polls show McCain struggling to rise above forty percent in the Republican primary, but so far he’s benefited from the anti-McCain vote being split among several challengers.  MORE

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  1. What in the world keeps that dinosaur running in the first place. The only thing I can come up with is he still owes a debt to his handlers and they won’t let him quit.

  2. It’s election time for McCain! Time to act like a conservative and then return to his leftist buddies and have them pat him on the head. I hope this is it for this turd.

  3. Hey McCain!
    Benedict Arnold was a war hero….until he sold out his country. Since then his name has been synonymous with TRAITOR.

  4. There was a time during the RINO hunts of 2009-2012 that my wallet would fly open for challengers. Meager but steady.

    Sometimes I scored but often not. And then there were the Scott Browns who said what I wanted to hear. And then he betrayed us.

    As an Arizona outsider I’m going to have to trust the voters to wade through the dung pile and make the right decision.

    God speed AZ.

  5. I am supporting her to defeat McCain. She will face a tough battle against Ann Kirkpatrick in November. Arizona has turned purple the last few years.

  6. Ok Jethro. You, singlehandedly, forced me to donate to McCain and Paul Ryan’s opponents, dr Kelli ward and Paul Nehlen.
    I urge all patriots to join Jethro and me to do a money bomb to get rid of these two.

  7. JMV, Sweetie and myself were returning home from Snowflake about the first part of last November, passing thru Kohl’s Ranch when that missile lit up the entire western horizon. We thought it was the Sweet Meteor of Death, but it eventually faded away, dammit.
    Oh, and we should drown Kirkpatrick and McCain both in the Panama River.
    Go Kelli!


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