“Ware County, GA has broken the Dominion algorithm”

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Trump Legal Team Witness Alleged That Ware County Audit Results Revealed Dominion Machine Flipped Ballots from Trump to Biden.

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  1. I watched the George Stephanopoulos comedy hour this morning just to see what the enemy was up to. All they do is keep repeating, “Their is no voter fraud”. “Trumps a dictator”. Very shallow show, to the point where I think they might know Trumps going to be victorious.

  2. The solution to this would be as simple as recounting the votes by hand and using those results instead of the machine count results.

    Has anybody thought about this?

  3. I think it’s cute that Mr. Favorito said, “This is why I’m not a Republican…” after complaining about what the asshole chairman did.
    AS IF the Constitution Party doesn’t have two-timing assholes in it.
    If it’s a party, there are crooked assholes in it. Period. No need for pious smugness about it.

  4. Anonymous- They’ve actually been asking for that. But convince RINO Raffensperger and other dems to do it. They know Trump will win and they’re afraid of jail time, to boot.

  5. Plaintiffs fail to name one Georgia voter who was adversely affect we by this algorithm, assuming it was operable during the election, which has not been proven Dismissed for lack of evidence. Orwords to that effect…

  6. @anon

    It’s not that simple. Considering the democrats promoted mail in, absentee and a rigged tabulation system, out of state, deceased, ballot harvesting they made sure the process was corrupted in their favor top to bottom.

    You can’t just recount because there are illegal votes mixed in with valid votes.

    Democrats are criminals.

  7. Evidence like this justifies (demands)getting the Military involved. Our Federal Government is compromised. It’s just that simple. They’re owned by China.

  8. PHenry And the envelopes with the names are thrown away. If they even had any.
    The only recount they can do is to toss the ones that look printed, aren’t folded, have only the president marked and nothing down ballot, maybe, etc.
    They could have already done a re-vote with all the time the legislature and judges are wasting.

  9. I put up a chunk of pseudo code a while back that took 10 minutes to construct that could easily change the results of vote tabulation.

    A first year coder could build it.

  10. Dominion: But you can’t see the code because it’s our intellectual property.

    OK. So when a vaccine manufacturer kills 37 out of 100 people, we’re just not gonna check their math in court because it’s their property?
    Also- You may have seen the formula before it was being produced, but what happens after the feds stop looking and vaccine guy decides to cut corners, or add corners, and what not?

    Both examples show damage. Time to look under the hood.
    Not allowing it, shows guilt.

  11. “Evidence like this justifies (demands)getting the Military involved. ”

    What would be the Constitutional basis and authority for that?

  12. I altered my weapon in a significant external and internal way. Yes I understand I’m being charged with triple murder and the witnesses saw me use the gun. But I’m not showing it to you because it’s my intellectual property.

    How long will it be before my door gets busted down and I receive a wooden shampoo and deep conditioner treatment?

  13. @Trollanonymous
    Insurrection act –
    “A provision of the John Warner National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2007, added by an unidentified sponsor, amended the Insurrection act to permit military intervention without state consent, in case of an emergency that hindered the enforcement of laws.”

  14. And before you start arguing about that just wait until states start turning electoral college votes toward President Trump and see how much civil unrest the libtards create.

  15. Shocking!
    GWB’s Tidewater tool Dominion rigged the election for GWB’s man Joe!
    “Say it aint so joe!”!
    Bush would never be so dastardly. Not the man whose dad got him in TANG so he’d never go to JFK’s war.
    I did go to the war and have 3 scars on face, neck and chest s result.

  16. illegal immigrants
    then illegal ballots
    no surprise

    If this is true, they’ll say the (very, very few) machines must have gotten mixed up with the machines they’re using in venezuela’s election this week.

  17. Jethro.

    So we only need to make a simple change in an unrelated law to superseded the Constitution as well as as the Posse Commits act?

    And what are the exact legally required elements of the emergency being declared?

    I think the right tends to think of the Constitution and legal procedures as being a nuisance to be ignored when it suits their purpose, much the same as the Left does.

    But all those military people you want to use to murder American Citizens if they don’t like it, or threaten to do so, do they also way feel this way about the oath they took to protect and defend it against all enemies?

    You might want to think through what you’re advocating here, and the consequences of it, for a while here.

  18. @Trollanonymous
    A stolen election is an emergency.
    You purposely create this image of an entire battalion marching into DC and mowing people down like Tienanmen Square.
    I’m envisioning more like special ops personnel arresting those complicit in the conspiracy to steal the election, then military tribunals.
    In this digital age, election fraud at the level demonstrated by the presented evidence may be the equivalent to an armed insurrection by 18th century standards.

  19. Why is it that democrats seem to be in charge of all the vote counting centers? Ordering people to leave who’re trying to verify ballots etc.
    Just what kind of bullshit is this?

  20. First the left and their tools just ignored the election theft. Now it’s blowing up and getting too big so they’ve moved on to mocking and denying.
    Then eventually they’ll have no choice but to admit something happened but it will be faulty machines.

    I still think this will work out for Trump.
    If Biden’s puppet masters succeed and he is inaugurated then the theft is proved in no uncertain terms, what happens?
    Does Harris remain POTUS?

  21. I have a bit of worry about this story. I first ready about this issue when I heard that Garland Favorito was going to testify in GA. He said that he when the recount was done in Ware County GA it was determined that 17 votes were switched, which was exactly enough to cover Biden’s lead if extrapolated state wide.

    Now we are supposedly hearing that “someone” ran equal numbers of votes for both candidates through the machines and the result was a 26% lead for Biden. I am also seeing other stories that are reporting it flipped “17” ballots (the same numbers as in the actual election). I am wondering if some of these stories are getting their numbers crossed, or even if the “running through of equal numbers of ballots” thing even happened.

    Clarification is needed.

  22. @ Chad
    I’m thinking that Trump has to do everything in his power first, cuz once you pull that trigger it’s going to get even more messy, it may take two years to straighten this corruption out.

  23. It’s 0.26%. However it shows there is a programmed bias. We need Open Source software with Checksum verification.

  24. Accurate recount not possible. Bogus votes have been intermingled with legal cast votes.

    Governor doesn’t understand what is going on. For early voting the only signature is on the outer envelope which is thrown away. For “in-person” voting a signature is on a role and not associated with a vote sheet. Thus election in GA will never be accurately known, too many instances of ballot stuffing, vote machine swapping votes, and voter harvesting.

    GA Governor and Secretary of State need to be tared and feathered. If done right it is fatal.


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