Warning – Don’t Elect Anyone That Will Enforce Illegal Immigration Law

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  1. Dumb ass Mexican. How many times do we have to whip your asses? Illegal Mothers and Fathers with children here will have to re Mexican them when they are shuttled back across the border to their home country. And as for the slimy protester he will have the rest of his life to start a new five generation history in Mexico where he belongs!

  2. better start packing to avoid the rush Pedro ….. buh bye

    ..call when you get back to Mexico …..write when you get work

    adios, my little cocaracha

  3. Well, who are we supposed to vote for, now that Rubio is queer and Ted Cruz is the Zodiac killer?

  4. “…been here 5 generations now, you think we’re going to let you take our parents?…”

    Looking pretty stupid there Jose.

  5. This guy has been here for 5 generations…ok. Then why does he still consider himself Mexican, and not American?

    Why are there people walking around in the background with Mexican flags draped over themselves, if they are Americans?

    You need to get your shit sorted mate. Either you’re an American, or you’re not. If you’re one of us, stand with us and defend your country against foreign invaders. If you’re one of them, you can get the fuck out, and go live in the shit-hole country you profess loyalty to.

  6. Look here, I understand you are mad that you lost your fever dream of Cheech and Chong styled land in the Southwest. But instead of paying for a full sleeve tattoo, you should put your money into straw hats and tubeless wheelbarrow wheels so you can turn a profit off your cousins as they work off their immigration fines on the wall.
    Oh, and an aside to Vicente Fox. An apostrophe, if you will.
    Illegal immigrants from Mexico will pay to build the wall. They will pay by the surtax on Western Union fees when they send money home.
    I hope its so high it affects the weather

  7. I have a few Mexican friends on Facebook that are anti Trump bullies, trying to brow beat us into submission. At some point, we need to get control of our borders. It’s not just about Mexicans anymore – there are people out there that want to kill us all. We need to be a sovereign nation once again that has some sort of control over who we allow in. Right now, we don’t.

  8. Ilove situations like these. I would handle this by going up to the guy and asking him if he is a great citizen, would he mind if I look at his drivers license. If he hands it over, most likely it is a Mexican one.

    Honestly folks, if you are going to learn any Federal laws, learn the Immigration laws. Go to the USCIS website and look at the laws at:


    Examine both the sections for Title 8 and the Immigration and Nationality Act. In particular, read sections 212 and 237 of the Immigration and Nationality Act.

  9. How many Latinos would be killed if ISIS lights off a nuke in Tucson or Phoenix?
    You’ll be a border control zealot griping about how we should have sealed the border.
    Then demanding damages because you lost fifty cousins

  10. I still have fond memories of a few years back when the criminal trespassers went on strike. The freeways were clear, you could get a cup of coffee without walking past animals urinating in public.
    Actually, it reminded me a lot of California in the 70’s.
    Truth is, if the cops weren’t on their side, we would have tossed them all back over the fence (we have one) a long time ago.

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