BigJournalism: In what should be a major warning sign to the Republican National Committee, CNN anchor Carol Costello — who became infamous after she asked her audience to laugh at audio of Bristol Palin reporting a physical assault to the police —  publicly attacked the Fox Business Network’s GOP debate Wednesday morning.  “It appeared to me the moderators didn’t ask very challenging questions,” the leftwing Costello said.

Responding to Costello, CNN’s Dana Bash seemed to agree in part, “Well, obviously that depends on who you are talking about.”

CNN hosts the next Republican debate on December 15 in Nevada. Wolf Blitzer will moderate. If CNN is already attacking what was a superb and informative Fox Business debate, this should raise all kinds of alarm bells about what our candidates might face from a left-wing news network that saw an objectively fair, tough, and mature debate as something else.

As we’ve come to expect from CNN,  Costello provided no examples to back up her provably false claim, and apparently wanted to pretend that the questions below were not asked Tuesday night:



  1. Put Riencey P behind the podium alone on stage and let HIM be grilled for 2 hours by CNN.

    That should cure him.

  2. Forget about it-Rinse Penis is down for another fucking by the left dominated media. If there’s the slightest chance Trump & Carson can be brought down a few pegs, he’s all in.

    Why in the hell the top tier don’t organize their own forum with people like Levin or Prager et.al. as mods is beyond me. I guarantee you it would top the 24 Million that tuned into the first debate debacle with Megan Kelly.

    And what’s Rinse gonna do about it?

    Squat, that’s what.

  3. In the immortal words of Lurch, “Bring. It. On.” Our guys know the score, and they should know there are new rules. Any candidate who doesn’t call out the moderator for hostile or unfair questions is going to lose points among the electorate. If they can’t push back hard, right there onstage, they shouldn’t be President.

    CNN will undoubtedly try to be more subtle in their subversion than MSNBC, but in the end, they are only news readers of average intelligence who are not deep enough to follow up their pointy stick questions with supporting arguments. A savvy candidate would be doing oppo research on the mods, and trying to anticipate how the mod’s own history could be turned backnon the questioner. For example, if Costello were to ask a snide, hostile question about the GOP’s War On Women, that bit above could be worked into the answer.

    The mods need to realize they are on trial as much as the candidates in our primary now.

  4. I think you’re exactly correct. Cruz, Carson, and Trump would be down for that. Only Rubio might object. Jebby and Kreepich don’t matter. If the top 4 defect, there is no debate without them.

  5. That’s a hard question for a Republican.

    A hard question for a democrat is:

    When you become president, just how much lower will you make the oceans? Just how much happier will you make the fuzzy bunnies and the little birdies?

  6. Why in the name of Wide Wide World of Sports does the RNC put themselves into the hands of their opposition?
    Except that it’s the RINO GOPe doing the surrendering in the name of “hands across the aisle bipartisanship”. And we know what their voting record is. And it ain’t conservative. Or even Republican.

  7. Simply because they’re under yhe mistaken belief that America’s electorate is non partizan and intelligent. Somebody obviously missed the memo stating the opposite whereby at least half are fucking Marxist and the other half is comprised of clueless morons and staunch constitutionalists.

    Bill Ayers is righ about the millions of people needing to be put to death only those will be civil war casualties

  8. I agree. Trump, Cruz, and Carson should hold their own debate with Mark Levin as the moderator. Tell Levin he is to ask tough questions, though they really won’t need to because Levin won’t put up with the BS of softball questions.

    Watch Yeb! and the Yebettes take a dump when no one cares to watch the third string play.

  9. I see that the RNC debates are relegated to little watched cable (payfor yourTV) channels, while the Hillary-Bernie love fest will be on national (free OTA) TV this weekend.
    The RNC should just buy 2 hrs on a Sat night to hold the ‘debate’ their way.

  10. Every answer they give in the CNN debate should begin like this:

    “This is the answer Bernie/Hillary would give…”

    Because it’s just not fair for Republicans to hog all these debates.

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