Was Bernie Fighting Income Equality by Flying First Class?

Was socialist Bernie Sanders “embarrassed” to be in first class? Judge for yourself.

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  1. “Income Inequality” is just further Leftist cultural division, breaking people into separate groups and setting them against one another.

    Cultural division is cultural destruction, a normlessness and confusion of the people and their mores and standards to make them accept anything for an authority to return their lives to some kind of normalcy so they can feel secure again.

    It’s happened in the past by various unintentional causes such as the Wiemar Republic or Europe after WWII, but this time it is a deliberate and intended strategy aimed at seizing power and control of the people.

    And it is being done on a worldwide basis, not just in the US.

  2. The only time I may have ever flown first class was when I came home on an Air Force charter from the Philippines to Japan to Anchorage, Alaska and to Travis AFB outside of San Francisco on Monday Aug. 11, 1975. It was a very long flight, when we left the PI it was just after noon local time and when we got to Travis AFB it was about 5 PM the same day after flying for 18 or more hours.

  3. Everybody should be equal and able to fly in first class. If you can’t, elect me and I will get rid of all but one class, except for those who are more equal.

  4. He probably was more uncomfortable than embarrassed. His people, the Elites, fly in private jets. His fans, if they fly, are likely in the back. You find a lot of mainly hardworking Middle/upper middle class folks, who either have a ton of frequent flyer miles for upgrades from working away from home a ton or people who’ve worked hard enough or long enough to get to a position that allows you to them to demand first class when they are required to travel. You know the ones who may know a thing or two about economics;the ones Bernie’s plans will hurt the most.

    If I were sitting in first class with him I think I’d likely be “Smirking” his way with a side of my Nana’s old stink eye.

  5. Like a good little Lenin. Stay away from the fray until the environment is right to come in and lead. Proper field guidance for the masses requires years of studying.

  6. The mayor of Leningrad and his family gained weight during the 900 day siege that killed almost a million people by starvation.

    No embarrassment.
    No remorse.

    It’s part of their “entitlement” as living gods.

    (What’s with the constipated ginger?)

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. He was waiting for take off to tear down the barrier and flood the elites with the little people. You surely don’t expect a guy on the left to practice what he preaches.


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