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UPDATED: Was Hillary Signaling Lester Holt During Debate?

One of my favorite professional poker players, Mike “the mouth” Matusow, says that Hillary was definitely signaling Lester Holt.imgres-2  <——- Mike Matusow

It sure seems like Hillary Clinton was signaling Lester Holt during the debate.

If she wasn’t, she was definitely sharing knowing glances with a moderator that is supposedly unbiased.


It looks to me like Hillary felt as if she had a team player in Holt the way she communicated with her eyes, and this is independent of the face scratching gesture that always seemed to precede a moment when Holt simply tossed a “anything to say to that?” towards Hillary.

Interesting video


Classic Matusow here — >(Mike Matusow)


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  1. Ole Lester helped Hillary practice for the debates. Last time I saw that many signals
    I was at a ball game. The fix has been in for decades

  2. Trump should have tasered her fat ass

  3. Lady MacBeth didn’t soil her hands for this long only to be sent back home without a crown. I doubt this will end pretty.

  4. I was skeptical, but each time was the same gesture.

    At this point anyone not in Trumps corner either has Stockholm Syndrome or is corrupt on some level.

  5. Too bad Trump didn’t have a glass of water handy to throw on Hillary.

    All our problems would have just melted away…


  6. Right now I don’t believe Gingrich or any other talking heads who they “think” is winning. These are the same people who stated that Romney was going to win by a historic landslide in 2012 and laughed about it afterwards.

  7. This is one we’ll never know. The most that would have been in on this is three. Holt, the go between and Hillary. The first two know that if either talked Hillary would have them killed. Oh, she may not use the exact word, it may be something more Shakespearian like “Who shall rid me of this meddlesome mediator” to her entourage and the two fellas that always seem to be there yet nobody knows what they do would slip quietly from the room. Queue Hillary’s crocodile tears next day in front of the cameras while commenting on the horrific accident that claimed two lives.

  8. I’m surprised she didn’t give the finger. haahhaa.

    annie Go Trump

  9. Of course she was signaling. Considering how Trump has to fight this miserable cheating lying cunt and the cheating lying cunts in the MSM and the cheating lying cunts in the GOP, he has done remarkably well. I hope that he has seen this because it is going to keep happening.

  10. Hillary will do anything,
    Including murder. She is pure
    Evil. She should be in prison
    With chains, on a bread and water diet

  11. If not signaling, she was obviously looking over those questions handed to her in advance. At the very end of the debate video, you can see a man remove those notes from her podium.

  12. I don’t remember anyone saying Romney was going to win in a landslide. Nor do I remember Romney ever having rallies in all these different states and cities with 20 – 30,000 strong massive crowds of people. This guy is like nothing we have seen before on the anti leftist/pro America side.

  13. I’d be more interested to find out what electronics were in that wooden “box” she stood on (it was marked for electricity and jacks).

  14. I am more interested in investing in the company that made her back and leg brace. Not to shabby. Just like her hand signals were a tell, so were the stairs. FYI i wore a brace for bit. Take a peek at her left knee for those who like to do that sort of thing.

  15. Trump should bring his own box to stand on to see what the reaction would be. He can mark it with something clever like electronic scanner.

  16. My bet is ole Les is the one who “approached” her thighness’ people, not the other way around. He saw what happened to Matt Wower and he was going to make sure that she knew whose side he was on.
    Les has got to be one of the whitest black men I’ve ever seen–and the left has the nerve to slander Justice Thomas. But then again,Les is their houseboy, so it’s all good.

  17. Without speculating on details, we can all assume Killery is cheating in every aspect her being in this election. I sure as heck don’t need any more proof of that.

    It’s no secret the media is in her court, so it only makes sense they would conspire to give her every opportunity in front of a camera and a national audience to give her the advantage.

    (About five minutes in I wish Trump had said, “Hey, what’s up with this mic? Could someone come over here and adjust it to a comfortable height so I don’t have hunch over it like a defendant addressing the court at trial?”)

    “Buggeration!” ~ W. Churchill

  18. Holt is a house boy, he empties Hillary’s night soil.

  19. Video gone now. Merlin (SC Distribution) A Hillary supporter?

  20. Next one is a town hall format, with audience questions. You can be damn sure farmer Hillary will have a bumper crop of plants to harvest.

  21. AA – I’m glad you mentioned the mic. That really bothered me, too – him having to hunch over to answer. Makes one wonder what other little tricks they had up their sleeves.

  22. Someone on the Non-hillary side has to have agreed on the terms of these debates. I am betting it was Rinse my Penis. The depths BOTH sides will sink to trying to keep Trump out of the White House is despicable. What they still cannot get through their granite hard peanut sized brains is everything they attempt only makes America MORE determined to see them lose. We will back Trump no matter what, even if Hillary turns into Glenda the good witch from OZ, which we know will never happen. More like “Dont Bring Me No Bad News” Mary Blige.

  23. :hears: ‘Mac’ MacReady as he throws a glass of scotch and the circuits fry; “Cheating bitch”

  24. And this business of it being 90 minutes with no breaks, no commercials? I thought that would be a good thing. But now that I think on it, it was probably exactly how long whatever cocktail of drugs they’ve got her on would hold out. She may have spent days on end getting her lines down, but they probably spent some of that time figuring out which combo could get her up on her feet and performing for at least 90 minutes with no breaks. That’s why she wasn’t drinking any water — no bathroom breaks that might spell disaster. They gave her something. She didn’t cough once.

  25. Wait, that guy is supposed to be black?

  26. I disbelieve it for the simple reason that they intend to electronically steal the election. They have no need for all this cloak and dagger just to skew a debate.

  27. Could just be the syphilis itch, but she did appear to be listening to ear-bud messages and scratching numbers on her ugly face.

    Professional con artist like Hillary would know those tricks.

  28. She was wearing a listening device in direct violation of the rules. I know that is shocking that the Blessed Virgin Hillary, with malice aforethought, would even appear to violate a rule!

  29. Many don’t seem to understand Hillary’s eyes. Google disconjugate gaze or eyes. This is a deep neurologic disorder, first described in neurosyphilis but likely in her related to the severe injury to her brain caused by the venous thrombus that she had, not a concussion (bullshit). Other things of note, she can not remember even her basic duties as head of state so she experienced severe issues with her memory, again, possibly neurosyphilis or the stroke. Then she has what is called inappropriate secretion of antidiuretic hormone, again, neurosyphilis or stroke. But the clue to this is the inability of Hillary to take in even small amounts of water as this will cause a profound decrease in her serum sodium and a constellation of issues, including seizure activity. Finally, she has difficulty in walking. Watch her activity in walking, it is not free flowing and looks as if she has on an appliance to assist her in her effort, remember when the piece of pipe fell out of her clothing at the memorial. Again, possibly neurosyphilis or stroke.

  30. Now we know who was on the other end of her ear bud. Every time Huma said something about her camel toe itching, Hillary scratched her nose.

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